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Saving me daily

This year's journals.
One half full bullet and art journal.
One diary with pages left for December.
One full bullet and art journal.
Therapy work.
Praise lists.
Accomplishment lists.
Just to mention a little of what goes into them.
And I can't but into words how much my journals help me.
Sometimes I feel they save me daily.

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Room 314, the last door on the right

I hope yall can read my chicken scratch from 2019. This is the first page of my #diary at that time. If anyone would like to read more, let me know in the comments below

#Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Journal #PersonalGrowth #whatdoyouthink

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Rainy mood

I don’t feel productive today, and I have to be because I have to finish my project until Wednesday. I’m self-sabotaging all the time and I’m tired of it. I want to cheer myself up and be grateful for all things I do. It’s just hard to believe in that deep in my heart.
Also my ex keeps texting me and I just want to hug him but at the same time I want to slap him. It’s raining and I can feel the crying sky in myself too.

#diary #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #moodswing #BPDDiagnosis #hypersensitive #Selftalk #Selfcare #Selfblame

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Everyday presents an opportunity to “innerstand” my fears, desires, dreams, triggers, and my self . . . and I choose daily to meet these moments with gratitude and a deep thirst for understanding and clarity so that I can continue to move forward with my life. As I am now re affirming and restablisheing my safety, my health, my confidence, my courage, and my resilience after going “no contact” after close to four years of narcissistic abuse, I gain so much insight with each night that I can sleep peacefully and dream. I gave up so much of what makes me happy to be with someone who only wanted to see me miserable and now I can truly enjoy the simplicity of the sunlight peaking in through my blinds in the morning after I wake up and tell myself “I am safe now.” With that so much has already begun to unfold in a short amount of time and I am seeing how truly magical this universe is.

Til Next Time
Sending You All Of My Love and Light
Big Hug

Leah 🖤

#Trauma #traumabonded #Healing #Hope #heart #Love #clarity #nocontact #Brave #courage #strength #diary #AbuseSurvivors #Abuse #CPTSD #PTSD #Anxiety #MightyPoets


I'm looking to start an online mental health blog/journal, does anyone have any suggestions?

Is there anything you would like to see written about mental health?
Is there anything maybe you would like to see more information on?
Or anything else really?
#MentalHealth #Journaling #diary #Blog #suggestions


Been feeling rather good!

It’s been a few days since saying something of semi-importance and I’ve been feeling good. Love and getting close to people is kind of difficult for me but I’m glad I said something. Even if nothing comes of it, I’ve gotten better. I’m happier. I’m finishing the semester, my work has gotten a ton of compliments after one of the most grueling several months and I’m excited for the future. I’m doing more than alright and I wanted to note it. #diary


Hey! I’m passively suicidal and I’m tired of feeling that way! Here’s a thread where I’m gonna chronicle what makes me feel better while also overlooking how I change overtime. Here goes something.
#diary #chroniclehashtag


Just a thought I get at night

Exhausted from the day. That’s what I’ll say it is. The truth is I don’t know what makes me feel so tired, pushing forward. I’ll keep going, I know.
But, I see so many people and it’s hard to reach out. I want help but the timing seems wrong. I know that feeling, that the world might end, is a lie.
Don’t know why but I’ll probably say, “I’m just tired,” and keep moving forward. #diary


I realize I haven’t been eating. Not because I’m trying to hurt myself or anything, but in all honesty, I’m forgetting to. On top of that, I’ve been treating it as something analytical. I’ll be heading into work and ask myself, “Should I get breakfast before heading in?” and immediately think, “Nah, I’ll eat at 7 tonight. I can save myself a couple bucks.” My challenge this week is to eat three meals this week instead of just two to nothing. I need to fix it and this is how I’m holding myself semi-accountable.