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Thought Process

🌷 #happythoughts .

I have been feeling #good today. It feels weird to be naturally #happy in moments where you think that there could be something to take it away soon. However, I learned that I am not going to let that #Happen to me. I will not let anyone #StealMyJoy today. 🌞 I know that I am #Blessed even in the #darktimes .

Everything is going to be OK when the storm passes. It may feel #scary right now, but it will pass through. There may be an aftermath, but take heart that you will not be alone in this.

I Am Here For You.

#BipolarDisorder #AnxietyDisorder

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High Days

Dear Mighty Family,
What do you tell yourself at the end of a really good day, when the depression sneaks in at night and says "oh yeah, tomorrow you're gonna be sad again. Laugh all you want". How do you challenge this thought? #BipolarDepression #CognitiveBehavioral #CBT #distortedthinking #FunctioningDepression

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Article - might help untangle depressed/anxious thoughts

Hi! I am recovering from a major episode that led to huge life changes. I am writing about depression and coping techniques quite a bit. (Total brag that this is my first story to be curated on Medium). I was hoping this might help someone: "One Nasty Thing About Depression Is That It Is Self-Perpetuating. That is, the symptoms are themselves a barrier to getting better."

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#CBT #distortedthinking #Depression #Anxiety #selfhelp #Recovery


The Mind as garden. A philosophy to control unhealthy thoughts.

Just as plants in our garden outside, thoughts grow in our minds. Just like it's important to cultivate flowers or vegetables and not to cultivate weeds. It's important to put good thoughts in and get rid of bad thoughts.

Untrusive or unhealthy thoughts are like weeds growing on our mind. The more time and thought that we put into them, they take root and grow stronger. As if we give weeds more space in our garden and more fertilizer.

We can dig them out. Like writing them out in a journal. Talking about them in counseling, with a doctor, or in peer support.

We can starve them out by ignoring or disregarding them (As we would static on the TV) and not voicing them or basing actions on them.

We can crowd them out by putting other thoughts in. Of course positive healthy thoughts such as self affirmations are best but it doesn't have to be. It can be TV, radio music, arts and crafts, Reading a book, or doing an activity.

As we do these things more and time goes along eventually the unhealthy thoughts to begin to die off just like weeds in the garden. The good thoughts begin to take root, grow stronger, and take over.

Our feelings will get better as our ways of thinking and acting get better.

#MentalHealth #Bipolar1Disorder #Autism #Depression #Anxiety #distortedthinking


Objective thinking.

Objective thinking.

Keep in contact with other people and society in general. Isolating ourselves even at home can result in distorted thinking just like being in isolation in jail or prison.

Believing ordinary people and competent experts and authorities instead of my own feelings. Avoiding complicated, complex, malicious motivations or purposes for other people's actions, If there's not hard evidence. Just because I feel there's something off doesn't mean I should stop taking advice from ordinary or good people.

Using plain old ordinary meanings and explanations. Using the recognized meaning of words and ordinary explanations. Assuming people mean those things as compared to alternative meanings, uncommon definitions, or twisted meanings.

Keeping a clear and steady view of what is important and what is unimportant. If something really important if it doesn't cost you money or affect your life? Something really important if it doesn't change your daily routine or emotional well-being?

Depersonalizing. Taking a look at the big picture which includes others as equals in a growth orientated community.

Our feelings will get better as our habits of thinking and acting get better.

#MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Autism #Anxiety #Depression #Bipolar1Disorder #distortedthinking




Putting a misplaced importance on ourselves is at the root of all sick thinking. So not making things all about me is key to thinking reasonably and objectively.

The start of most declines of our mental health usually begin by giving too much importance to our feelings. As we give more importance to our feelings we become less attentive or even inattentive to the people, places, and things around us. We develop competitive motives when dealing with other people. We become prey to delusions, obsessions, and hallucinations. We eventually lose all insight of ourselves and our problems.

Me, me, me, those thoughts just takes us further down the rabbit hole. This makes depersonalizing so important..

The first thing is not to overreact to problems and situations because it's happening to me. I should feel the same way about something that I would tell somebody else that they should feel about it. It's not worse for more important because it's happening to me.

We should treat other people the same as we treat ourselves. Empathizing, sympathizing, giving in, letting them say face, and praising as we would ourselves. Also requiring ourselves to be reasonable as we would require others to be.

Being more aware of the common interest or welfare. Thinking more in terms of us instead of me and them. Doing what is best for everybody.

Looking for, trying to see, for imagining the bigger picture.

#MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Depression #Autism #Anxiety #distortedthinking


Clinical Drama

So I’m currently in clinically for Radiology and there are 8 of us in one class. As expected with such a small class, things can get heated very quickly. Just yesterday, after coming back from a depressive episode and being sick, I was yelled at by one of my colleagues. Now today, I was explaining to another colleague of mine why we angle the tube for a lateral knee projection. She handed me her phone to look at an article and I happened to see someone (who is another colleaque) txt her asking if I was the reason she was pissed off. I promptly left the library and area we were sitting to go into the bathroom and cry for a while. The ENTIRE TIME, I’m getting txts from her saying that my behavior was ridiculous.
I don’t care if my behavior is ridiculous or not. I removed myself from a situation where I believed I wasn’t wanted. Even if that txt wasn’t directed at me, it still hurt and it just confirmed the distorted thought in my mind that no one in my group likes me. None of them realize how much pain I’m in or how much I’m hurting. I want to talk to the director of the programs and ask if I can leave because clearly I’m not wanted… #Depression #DepressiveDisorders #distortedthinking #Selfharm


How to genuinely convince youself that things are not going to go wrong all the time? #Anxiety #NegativeThoughts #distortedthinking

I’m extremely triggered by relationship problems. my therapist helped me to focus on how these problems made me and my boyfriend stronger and more of a united front. But recently I’m always going back to that feeling of “I’m just so tired of facing problems all the time, why can’t life make it easy on me for once?”. Had countless conversations with him, we have identified issues, made concrete plans to work on them, and now it’s just a matter of keeping our “battle strategy” going and give it time to effect change. I just can’t find more patience and resilience in me.

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Flip the Script — Negativity Kills #Flipthescript #NegativeThoughts #Negativitykills #positivethoughts #Tellingyourselfthetruth #CBT #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #mentalwellness #Books #selfhelp #distortedthinking #PhoneAnxiety #SocialAnxiety #lies #LIESANXIETYTELLSYOU

Easily said than done, but I’m trying to build this habit. I read once... "Negative and distorted statements which a person repeats to himself' come from the devil. Your flesh accepts them without question and then, like spoiled, rotting food, these words of mental poison create painful emotional aches and pains. This diet of deadly toxins will kill you..." -- "Telling Yourself the Truth" -- William Backus & Marie Chapian

Whether you believe in the Devil or not — negativity kills. That’s the truth!


#Speakforme #Givemethewords

Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting for someone else to just give me the words to say. Like I don’t know how I feel or what I should be saying in fear that it might be wrong. If that even makes sense. Everything in my brain feels jumbled. Like if I were to open my mouth nothing would even come out. It’s hard to even form a sentence half the time. My therapist will just sit and ask me questions and I’ll stare at her like a complete moron thinking “well what do you want me to say”. It’s super frustrating for me! Not being able to identify with what is going on with myself. Not sure if this is a symptom of my borderline or what but it is definitely something i would like to change about myself. I’m pretty good with writing things out so I’m glad I’m here... hopefully you guys will check out my page which isn’t full of too much of my craziness yet but hey this is just the start. If you made it this far thanks for reading . I appreciate you. #BPD #distortedthinking