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Chance has given me a second chance with life being my #EmotionalSupportDog after my son passed. How can you say no to those sweet eyes 💙 #Dogs


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Not feeling the greatest today. My brother came up last night and I have an appt with a new psychologist today.
So I brought this guy with me today.
#Anxiety #ChronicDepression #CPTSD #PTSD #EmotionalSupportDogs


A smile from mine to yours. This guy helps me when I’m feeling down. He seems to know, and comes and sits on my feet. Love my dogs.


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Inking From Bed

Gastroparesis can present with early morning nausea, vomiting, and pain which is one of the reasons I’m often up by 6 AM. My morning routine often includes quiet seated yoga, meditation, and ink sketching. Pippin, unbothered by my movements, remains steadfastly in slumber. #EmotionalSupportDogs #Art #ArtTherapy #Yoga #Drawing

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A dog’s unconditional love

My family got our dog (Ellie, pictured) when I was in 10th grade. She was such a sweet puppy and always cuddly. I was diagnosed with depression in 11th grade and used to come home from school and cry into her soft fur. She would always be such a supportive friend to keep me company during these dark times. It makes my heart so full to think of the warmth and compassion dogs give to us unconditionally #Depression #Anxiety #EmotionalSupportDogs

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How are you today?

Moo insisted we check in with you all this morning, and wanted to send all of you a big kiss!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything restorative, or that brought a little smile to your beautiful face?


#CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #EmotionalSupportDogs #Love #Depression #Anxiety #Selfcare


No one knows #Hidingmypain #invisible #nofamilysupport

My life has changed so much these last 3-4 years. Migraines became chronic and I’m now peri menopausal. Essentially, I’ve gone from a svelte healthy runner to an overweight hermit. I cannot exercise or go out in the sun (migraine triggers) & and now an empty nester. My husband of almost 30 years has NO compassion. My friends have for the most part given up on me due to all the cancellations. Easily crying and constantly thinking of exit plans.
I’ve almost had enough. I live for my dogs and my kids. I cannot wait to see what my 21 yr old (the baby) will do with her degree. The others have done great. #needtohangon #NeedSupport #EmotionalSupportDogs #MajorDepressiveEpisodes #Cryingspells


He’s all I have left and my parents want me to give him away. My heart is breaking. #EmotionalSupportAnimals

So, about a month ago my older pug (almost 16), passed away very suddenly. She has been with me through everything. Literally everything. She was there with me throughout school, moving out of state, a domestically violent and toxic marriage, etc. She’s gone now and I still can’t process that - but that’s another post.

Her little brother, also a pug, is going to be 14 year old this year. He’s absolutely distraught by the fact that his sister is gone. They were both #EmotionalSupportDogs for me - her more than him, but anyway. He is so distressed that he has an upset stomach on the kitchen floor any time I leave the house. So, anytime I leave there’s a rather large mess to clean up.

I live by myself and my young son is here every other week (it was every week and because the judge is a straight idiot, it was changed because his Narc sperm donor took him from me). Anyway.

I’m alone. Except for when my son is here, I’m alone. My parents think that because my pug makes a mess because he’s upset (4+ weeks, every single day sometimes multiple times a day) that I should give him up. What they don’t realize is that they have each other. I have no one except my pug. We share food, we share a bed, he snuggles me when I’m distraught. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

My stepmom even said “well don’t you want to be able to take (your son) on trips and things? You can’t with the dog doing that.” It really hurts.

I feel like if I let him go it’s as good as signing my own death warrant because I won’t survive on my own 100% alone. As it is now, I sleep as much as I can when my son isn’t here just so I don’t hurt as badly (chronic pain and EDS) and I get to see my baby girl who passed on when I’m asleep. It’s so much happier there.

My sister has special needs and has always taken all of my family’s time - the only way to get any help or any attention is to be horrible which I don’t want to model for my child. So, we’re on our own. The 3 of us.

The vet said I could get my pug a friend and that would likely help, but I’m not over grieving my sweet girl.

Can I just be done now? I want to be done. I don’t really want to live anymore and I’m really tired of fighting just to exist. Is it really worth it? What my parents don’t realize is my pug(s) are the reason I’m still alive. I’d have taken the easy way out a long time ago if it weren’t for them.

I’m truly drowning. I just hope it’s a quiet and peaceful way to go.

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Daisy would like to give you cuddles today.

It’s just been a rough year. I’m so thankful for my comfort beasts. Daisy girl loves to cuddle if you feel like you need a smile. #EmotionalSupportDogs #Anxiety #Depression #mentalhealthawareness

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Emotional Rollercoaster - are you experiencing this? #help

I've decided to post my bff again for you all to make you smile - my puppy Peanut.

I feel a little better today, but in spite of that, I am still on an emotional rolleecoaster. Ever since COVID-19, my emotions have been all over the place and it has been a JOB trying to manage them.

Not to mention, my dad died a few wks ago. I, fortunately, have made peace with his death. However, that doesn't mean that I don't still feel hurt and sadness.

Life is not what I thought it would be.....at all. Adulthood is also not what I thought it would be. It has become more of a job rather than actually enjoying life. When did life get to this point?

I struggle with a lot. So much I can't keep up, but I am so grateful for this app and for all of you. I've needed you all for a long time, not knowing an app like this even existed.

Anyway, Peanut here, is by my side, being there for me and offering support. May his cute face spruce up your day and make you all smile.

#BipolarDepression #ADHD #mypuppypeanut #anxietysucks #emotional #EmotionalSupportDogs #Sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired #sickandtired #CheckInWithMe #highanxiety #gaslight narcisstic abuse survivor