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Crying and #PTSD

Does anyone else with #PTSD go through random bouts of crying? I spent some time earlier today shaking and crying thinking about the #SexualAbuse and #SexualAssault I went through. Afterwards, I felt a little better but very confused. Is this normal, to randomly cry? The reading I've been doing says yes but it makes me feel like I'm going backwards in my healing. Can anyone offer any advice?

I try to reflect on all that I've survived such as abuse and abandonment but that gets hard. It always triggers something. I appreciate all the help.

*Thanks to everyone that commented on may earlier post about severe depression. It warms my heart to see how people can come together and offer advice and support :)

#PTSD #Abuse #abusesurvivor #Selfharm Survivor #suicideattemptsurvivor #abandonment #checkin #help #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Cryingspells


#Depression #Migraines #Cryingspells

I’m so depressed and lonely right now. And I’ve had a migraine for about a week now because there was a problem filling my meds. I hate work and I hate life and I hate feeling this way. I want to be grateful and happy.


No one knows #Hidingmypain #invisible #nofamilysupport

My life has changed so much these last 3-4 years. Migraines became chronic and I’m now peri menopausal. Essentially, I’ve gone from a svelte healthy runner to an overweight hermit. I cannot exercise or go out in the sun (migraine triggers) & and now an empty nester. My husband of almost 30 years has NO compassion. My friends have for the most part given up on me due to all the cancellations. Easily crying and constantly thinking of exit plans.
I’ve almost had enough. I live for my dogs and my kids. I cannot wait to see what my 21 yr old (the baby) will do with her degree. The others have done great. #needtohangon #NeedSupport #EmotionalSupportDogs #MajorDepressiveEpisodes #Cryingspells

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Mothering Sunday in the UK this weekend #CheckInWithMe

A little gift from my friend last week.
Smells luscious just outside my door.
My eldest son knew I was out yesterday for a bit so he popped over and left a gift and card on my kitchen counter.
I got home to find it. What should have been a lovely suprise made me burst into tears 😪😓😭
Mothers Day.
Without seeing my 2 Sons.
12 weeks in isolation when I'd actually forgot it was Mothering Sunday. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.
I feel silly. In light of the fight the world is in.
But I'm still crying today.
I feel so sad so down so utterly familyless. I only have my sons. My 2 precious boys.

So today I'm going to dedicate myself to remembering my own sweet Mum who passed away on 15th September 2014 by doing nothing but pampering myself indulging in baths with bath bombs face masks foot masks hand masks
You get the picture. I'm going to TLC myself and eat Cake lots of cake lol toffee cake I made the other day.
To all the mums out there love you. We all deserve a medal. I know I do.
I'm sorry it's not a positive post today.
love hugs kisses Tj ❤💖🦓🦄🤗🦋🦄💝
#MothersDay #Mothersdaygift #Cryingspells #RareDisease #PsoriaticArthritis #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #TrigeminalNeuralgia #TLC #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #sons #Bekind #MightyTogether #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #Depression #HighlySensitive #haveagoodday #pampering


constant crying

I question why am I even still alive. I've been crying for the last 3 hours and I feel useless.

#Depression #Cryingspells #SuicidalThoughts


How to deal with random crying #Anxiety #Depression

What do you do when you just can't stop crying?
I keep getting crying spells all day every day for the past week. I can not get them to stop I am crying in class on the way home just sitting in my room. #Crying #help #Cryingspells


So many thoughts

Have you ever thought in a million years that you would carry guilt,anger, hurt and emotional stress that it would actually break you apart to the point of where you cry, can’t eat and your mind just won’t shut off? I hate these feeling. I’m new to this sorry #pstd #brokeness #Cryingspells #Emotion


#panic #overwhelmed #Sadness #Cryingspells

I had an overwhelming sensation of panic. I was able to calm myself down for a bit. There were no environmental or internal reason. It just happened. I ended up having one of my crying spells for about 5 minutes. Now I’m feeling fine. The occasional me yet so annoying.