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Feeling hopeless

I don’t know how I can get through another day. I’m so sad and alone. Truly no support. I feel so desperate. I have a cat who I love dearly, but I’m in so much pain and darkness. She deserves better, but I don’t know what to do with her. I don’t know where to turn. #Depression #Anxiety #Desperate #hopeless #help #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #nofamilysupport #alone


No one knows #Hidingmypain #invisible #nofamilysupport

My life has changed so much these last 3-4 years. Migraines became chronic and I’m now peri menopausal. Essentially, I’ve gone from a svelte healthy runner to an overweight hermit. I cannot exercise or go out in the sun (migraine triggers) & and now an empty nester. My husband of almost 30 years has NO compassion. My friends have for the most part given up on me due to all the cancellations. Easily crying and constantly thinking of exit plans.
I’ve almost had enough. I live for my dogs and my kids. I cannot wait to see what my 21 yr old (the baby) will do with her degree. The others have done great. #needtohangon #NeedSupport #EmotionalSupportDogs #MajorDepressiveEpisodes #Cryingspells



when you live in a family that thinks of mental illness and showing emotions is a sign of weakness therefore the conversation is taboo. but within that same family you're free to talk about lupus, vertigo and diabetes. it's a lonely feeling.

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said something stupid #saidsomethingstupid

I confess I am not always correct in how I communicate. apparently, I said something stupid to piss off my sister and it’s been three months of no contact. my heart was immediately broken. I felt anger too. I was confused on how I felt. I must confess that this may be a moment of rest for our relationship. #freedom #saidsomethingstupid #nofamilysupport


“I Am Sick and Tired of Being the Nice One” ##nofamilysupport

I am always the nice one
I am sick and tired of being the nice one
In my family, nice guys finish last
In my family, nice guys live in the past
I am sick and tired of being well behaved
I am always the one you run to when you need some thing
But who cares about my pain: no one
Who cares about what I went through
Who cares about the sacrifices I have made
Who cares about just how much I gave
No one—why? They were not there when I needed them
They were not there when I went through so much
They were never there when I was lost and scared out of my mind
Oh wait—it was them that I could not find. #PTSD