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My Bipolar Philosophy on a Unipolar World 📙🖌 #MightyBookClub

I’m about a 7 at the moment on My Bipolar Scale, so I’m getting things done and I’m having a little bit of clarity in my thoughts. On the back of this I’ve got the opening page for my second book (the first is still a work in process).

Chapter 1: Identity

I’m not any better than you. I’m not wiser than you. I’m no more intelligent than you are. I’m not a better person than you. My opinions about things are no more important than yours. I’m in actually fact, offering far worse advice on things due to the fact I have been a far worse person than you ever have.

Let me explain. See if you’re in a long distance running race and you’re last. You can see the entire field of competitors battling it out. Who is poised for the next move, being cautious. Who is struggling with the pace. When you have got to the front of the field and are leading the way, you can say how you did it.

Before you speak, think about your words being true, necessary and kind. #Writing #MentalIllnessBooks #mystory


Self help

What are books, teachings, TEDtalks, podcasts, etc that have helped y'all the most? Particularly with mental/emotional health issues. I have read a few books, but am always open for more suggestions. #selfhelp #Recovery #MentalIllnessBooks #Podcasts #Healing #Therapy

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The Positives of Bipolar Disorder #BipolarDisorder #Research #learning

I’m looking forward to reading these books over the weekend and the coming weeks. Along with the negatives, Bipolar does have to be credited, for me anyway, as the precursor to my research and growing understanding of what it is. How it works in conjunction with myself. The questions that I have already are mounting up day by day!

Is it a chemical imbalance in my brain?
Is it just a case of knowing how to cope with the situations that you are experiencing? Will you ever escape the paralysis of your evolution imposed on you with pharmaceutical straight jackets?
Are Psychiatrists mind readers? How can they understand how you feel? Labelling the illness doesn’t mean anything to the body or mind. It does though give the authority to prescribe medication that nullifies the unknown.

Then again, I am registered with an SMI and under psychiatric care, so who would take notice of me?


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Weighted blanket feedback #


#panic Attacks

Happy Sunday to everyone!😁 I hope your day is going well.
I have seen alot of people post on here about how much they like their weighted blankets. Anything heavy that is on me causes pain. I'm seriously considering getting one, but I'd like some feedback please!🌻🌻

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Quote from back cover is awesome

Dreaming Big Publications included a few of my poems in this anthology and I have always loved what the publisher wrote on the back cover and so I want to share it with you. Maybe it will inspire you also.

"This collection of poetry, memoirs and short fiction presents to the reader such themes as depression, suicide, hopelessness, grief, loss, love, mental illness and abuse both emotional and physical as experienced by the writers or someone close to them.

These stories serve to demonstrate that hiding behind shame or fear, rather than sharing emotional pain as the authors in the works do, is tantamount to putting on a mask or wearing a "Person Suit'. It is pretending. It is a state of existing but not truly living life to the fullest.

The 11 authors featured in this collection have taken off their "Person Suit", exposed their true selves to the world so that the others may find their own voice and the courage to speak about mental illness and abuse of any kind."
#MentalHealth #MentalIllnessBooks #BipolarDepression #Bipolar1Disorder #Depression #abused #AbuseSurvivors #Suicide #hopelessness #Grief #Loss #MentalHealth #MentalIllnessBooks

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The author takes the reader deep into the mind of insanity! A first hand account to learn to not only survive but to thrive. The author must beat all the given odds!

Unique & one of a kind. A must read!

#Memes #MentalHealth #MentalHealthHero #MentalIllnessBooks #psychology #Books