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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is AnnieJess12B. I'm here because my husband died nine weeks ago after over seven years of multiple myeloma (a blood cancer). For the last year of his life I was a full time carer, leaving me completely drained both physically and mentally. I have been busy sorting through all of John's things and trying to 'get my home back' in some kind of organised way. I neglected many home chores while running him back and forth to the hospital or visiting with food and clean clothes.
How have others managed their grief while trying to get back their own lives? I'm still quite teary at times, especially if someone is overly sypathetic to my new widowed state.


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What are we celebrating?! (MARCH)

national developmental disabilities month
Women’s history
National MS Education and Awareness Month
March 1-31: Alport Awareness Month March 1-31: Brain Injury Awareness Month
March 1-31: Brain Tumor Awareness Month (UK only)
March 1-31: Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month
March 1-31: Malignant Hyperthermia Awareness Month
March 1-31: Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
March 1-31: Myeloma Action Month
March 1-31: National Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month
March 1-31: National Cheerleading Safety Month
March 1-31: National Colorectal Cancers Awareness Month
March 1-31: National Endometriosis Awareness Month
March 1-31: National Kidney Month
March 1-31: National Nutrition Month
March 1-31: Problem Gambling Awareness Month
March 1-31: Save Your Vision Month
March 1-31: Trisomy Awareness Month
March 1-31: Workplace Eye Wellness Month
March 1-6: National Aplastic Anemia & MDS Awareness Week
March 2: World Teen Mental Wellness Day
March 3: World Birth Defects Day
March 3: World Hearing Day
March 4: HPV Awareness Day
March 4: World Obesity Day
March 5: Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day
March 7: National Hospitalist Day
March 10: National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 10-16: Patient Safety Awareness Week
March 10-16: Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
March 10-16: Sleep Awareness Week
March 11-17: Brain Awareness Week
March 14: World Kidney Day
March 15: World Sleep Day
March 17-23: National Poison Prevention Week
March 18-24: National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week
March 20: National Native American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 20: World Oral Health Day
March 21: World Down Syndrome Day
March 24: World Tuberculosis Day
March 26: Epilepsy Awareness – Purple Day
March 26: American Diabetes Alert Day
March 30: National Doctors’ Day
March 30: World Bipolar Day
March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day
March: autoimmune diseases awareness month

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Just smoldering like a volcano or a dragon....

I looked for a smoldering multiple myeloma group, but it doesn't exist. I am at 20% and IGI. Doing Bloodwork at 12 wk intervals and have had every inch of my body scanned. It's not real yet but lurking like a tsunami. My adult kids are freaking out

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Jaky49. I'm here because I'm having another bad flaire. Two months now. I am so tired and weak. My ribs and sternum are in pain along with my legs and feet with nuropathy. I had multiple myeloma before and all the symptoms are alike, so I fight the fear that it's coming back, which is doubtful. But going through the treatment for that is what brought on the fibro. I have felt bad for 15 years and I fight being sad about not being the person I was. I guess I really just need to know I'm not lazy and someone to know how I feel.

#MightyTogether #Fibromyalgia

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Karyn Almendarez. I'm here because I have Multiple Myeloma Cancer and I want to learn new self-care techniques to help depression, anxiety, and my cancer symptoms. I also want to teach others with chronic illnesses how to love themselves and take the best care possible of their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

#MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #BloodCancer


I'm new here!

Hi, my name is BarefootRob. I'm here because my wife has been fighting Multiple Myeloma since she was diagnosed in the fall of 2019. She is having a tough time dealing with this, and being her primary care giver, I could use as much help as I can!