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#Valentines #OCD #ADHD #Autism #Christian

#Relationships Valentines Day is always hard for me. I’m so defective. With my OCD, ADHD, and Autism. I want to be able to share my life with a special Christian woman. To get married and have a family. But I am so defective in so many ways. Would I be more of a curse to a woman than a blessing? I have no job, I’m on SSDI. I have some plans to become self employed. But if all this doesn’t work could a woman still want a husband like me? If I for some reason could not provide like I would like to, would a woman still be willing and want to be bound to a husband like that? I am saving myself keeping myself pure for my future wife. I am a Virgin. I am in anguish in my soul. 😭 I will keep myself pure until the day I marry if that day ever comes that is how much I respect the woman who will become my wife.

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#Valentines #lonely #Autism #OCD #ADHD #Christian #single

Valentines is always a really hard day for me. I’m 32 I‘ve never had a girlfriend. I’m so lonely 😭 I want to have someone to share life with. This day is so painful 😓 the picture attached is just a little bit of humor based of the Portal games. But I seriously am really lonely 😩 I don’t know if anyone could love me or would want to be with me. I don’t have a job though I’m trying to start my own business. I’m on SSDI. Is marriage even a possibility for someone like me? If I can’t even provide enough is there still a woman who would have me?
I feel so defective. What kind of a husband would I be? I have a desire to be a good husband for some to be able to provide for a wife and children. I don’t want to be selfish and marry just because I desire to. I want to be able to bless the woman who would be my wife.

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Familytine Card for my Dad #Valentines #Letter #happymail #familylove

My Dad turned 77 the week of Valentine's Day. He loves beating me at chess, and bragging about it. Images from a magazine.

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Happy #Valentines Day! #Spoonie #spouse #Partner #Love

This Valentines day I would like to give a shout out to the able bodied partners who choose to stay in the muddy, the ugly, the uncomfortable, the depressive, the unstable, the frustrating, the confused, the pain-filled, the numerous hospital visits, the side effects of medicines, the new diagnosis, the physically challenged, the I give-up on life, the I can't leave bed, the I can't cook or do chores, the chronic illness life that was handed to us. We may not say it many times but thank you. ♥️♥️♥️

Thank you for the way you serve us wholeheartedly, for your patience with us, for making us smile and laugh, for giving us something happy to look forward to, for taking us to numerous hospital visits, for buying medicine for us, for dealing with the side effects of the medicines, for doing chores on our behalf, for showing us love in ways we didn't even think we could experience being chronically ill. We see you. We appreciate you. We are eternally grateful for you. And we love you! ♥️♥️♥️

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No more

Nothing but compassion, understanding and friendship I’ve offered to this person durring this time when they have been transitioning from mtf.

I’m not interested in a relationship, which I’ve told them many different times and ways.

They went ahead and planed a Valentine’s Day weekend for us after everything and went I told them my honest feelings and that I’ve also been sick with a bad cold. This...this is what I received in return.

I’m done being nice. My walls are going up, and as far as I’m concerned we’re no longer friends. Shame on me for trying when they clearly do not care about me as anything other than as their significant other.

#CheckInWithMe #EmontionalAbuse #Valentines #givingup #upsetwithmyself #Anxiety #Depression #alone #unwanted


Valentines panic attack

A week from today will be valentines. My friend has been bothering me about getting together and had reserved a hotel and made dinner reservations.

I’m not interested in them in any way other than platonic. I’m dealing with a lot of mental health issues at the moment. They are currently transitioning. I’m not sure how our platonic relationship became romantic to them and I’m super upset because I know the moment I tell them I’m upset and stressed about next week they will fly off the handle and stop talking to me. Blaming me.

It happened this past week, we were playing a game of where would you live if you could. The next day they messaged me about how they had a three year goal to get everything paid off so we could move in three years. They got mad at me when I told them it was a game and I’m not planning on moving in the near future.

I really wanna be there for them durring this time, but I feel like they are abusing me, guilt tripping me into staying their friend. They also know I’m not interested in them romantically nor am attracted to the opposite sex.

I don’t know what to do, but I really am afraid.

#CheckInWithMe #afraid #felling like i am not a good friend #Anxiety #Depression #Valentines #PanicAttacks

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My eyes are SO sleepy and my hips are hurting but I am going to enjoy my night with JUST my husband and I!!
Not to often we go and do something for us!! No way am I going to let my fatigue and pain ruin this moment!!
Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!! #Fibromyalgia #Fatigue #ChronicPain #Valentines

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I'm so glad we found each other!🥰

Happy Valentine's Day, Mighty friends! I am so thankful for this awesome community. The way we love and support each other is truly beautiful. 🙌🏼🌈💗 Thank you for accepting me in my worst moments. Thank you for sharing your own heart.

If you haven't heard it yet today,
💓🌸 You are wanted, you are fantastic, and YOU DESERVE SO MUCH LOVE 🌸💓

Wishing you some sweetness and beauty in your day today. Safe hugs to all of you precious human treasures. 🥰

#Valentines #ValentinesDay #bemyValentine #Love #LoveLetters #Selflove #Selfcare #youareworthy #youareloved #YouAreBeautiful #youareworthyoflove #YouAreWanted #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Disability #RareDisease

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Mighties! #ValentinesDay #Valentines

Sending love, sunshine and happy vibes to you all from the bottom of my heart 💓 #mightylove

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Losing the Partner I Love? Thoughts? Advice? Valentine'sDay?

My partner is the love of my life. In my mid-30s, I'm old enough and wise enough to know what that means, and I know how blessed I am with him. He is so much more than I ever would have hoped for or asked for. He's the most wonderfully supportive and understanding partner. For the first time in my life I feel loved the way I've always hungered to be loved, and we've both been hoping to share our futures together. I've never loved anyone more, or with more joy, or with more hope. It was surprising to discover that there's nothing I want and desire more than our relationship, our love, and our future together... Nothing at all, and that's saying a lot for me. This is the most important part of my life.

I've been sensing that my partner is pulling away from me, losing interest in me, frustrated or overwhelmed by my current needs, and preparing to leave me. But he's been insisting otherwise, and I tend to have anxiety around romantic relationships, so I've been trusting his word instead of my intuition. We live several hours apart, so it can be difficult to gauge emotion through messaging from day to day.

Last night he admitted some frustration, demonstrated disinterested, and finally admitted that he frequently hides his feelings to spare mine.  I'm more worried than ever that he resents me, has lost interest, and wants out.

I would be beyond devastated -- absolutely crushed -- if his feelings for me changed or if he left. I don't have another round of heartbreak in me... After 7 years, I was still healing from my last deep heartbreak when I met him.

Mighties, I'm not really sure what I need from this community right now. Prayers for our relationship, if you pray. Advice. Thoughts or support of any kind. I have no one else to talk to about this, and it's eating away at me, making it difficult to concentrate on a very full day of work.

If you have any Valentine's Day ideas appropriate to this situation, I'd very much appreciate them. We aren't going to be seeing each other, and I'm not sure if he wants to do anything at all, of if he feels obligated. I was working on a surprise for him all of last week, and then he ended up doing that for himself on Sunday. But in spite of all we're going through, I still want to do something, for the man I love so much.

Thank you, Mighties, for reading my post and listening to my sadness and fears. 🙏🏼

#Relationships #relationshipanxiety #Anxiety #Sadness #Depression #Valentines #ValentinesDay #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #heartbreak #dontknowwhattodo #CheckInWithMe #Support #Advice #encouragement