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Survivor, thriver or victim?

The way in which we self identify as someone who has experienced trauma can greatly affect how we perceive ourselves and how we interact with others. It can also influence the success or lack thereof of any treatment we seek for our C-PTSD. For example, many who have been abused balk at the idea of being called a victim. However, for some it helps shift the shame and self blame to where it belongs, solely with the perpetrator of the abuse.

I have had different phases along my healing journey. For a while I hated the word victim because it felt weak. But then at some point the word helped me feel liberated from my abuser. Now, six plus years into therapy, I prefer the word survivor because I have survived not just what happened to me, but the hard work of healing from it.

How do you prefer to self identify and why?

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Survivor #victim #thriver #Identity #Healing

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Hello, Hello!

Hello, all you Mighty folks. I’m “new to the crew” - just downloaded the App this evening. I’m excited to join a new platform connecting with a community of people struggling, surviving yet thriving just like me
I’ve battled the beast of brain cancer twice. Got 7 brain surgeries under my belt in 6 years. Been cancer free 🙌 for 5 years now! Though everyday remains a struggle with ALL the side effects, I’m still here! I’m fortunate to be alive despite all I’ve lost. So, I hope to connect with this community of people gettin’ through it, one breath, one step, one day at a time. 😊#Hello #braincancer #Cancer #Survivor #thriver #BrainSurgery #Epilepsy #Mobilityissues #AnaplasticEpendymoma #SideEffects #Radiation #necrosis #VPShunt #Community

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Sweet Reminders that I can conquer a stressful week

It’s kind of silly.
But after being diagnosed with a cancer so rare it’s nickname is “unicorn “ cancer.
Unicorns became my sign to never give up.

I’m headed into a really stressful week
( starting tomorrow)
I have to get a breast tumor with questionable margins biopsied.
Then on Friday talk with my sarcoma specialist about removing a tumor in my leg that’s making walking crazy difficult.

All in the midst of a crazy flare

And my “cancerversary “ is on the 10th. Which brings up all the feels

And guess what I got in the mail today.

A envelope full of of unicorn things ❤️🦄.

So take this post. As your reminder that you can get through whatever life is throwing at you this week #MightyTogether #fighter #thriver #YouGotThis

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At least I’m safe From Health Conscious Cannibals 🤷🏼‍♀️

So after days of not being able to walk or sleep due to severe hip pain.. I finally gave in and went and saw my #Doctor .

We came to the conclusion that it’s just another not so fabulous and o so painful #autoimmine inflammation flares. And my crazy weird red elbow is surprisingly an #Eczema rash. ( which is weird cause I’ve never had that before!).

So that means LOTS of #Steroids
A tapering of high dose #Prednisone . And a steroid cream.

I swear 🤦🏼‍♀️. I am 90% steroids
On the bright side.. a health conscious. Cannibal would never eat me .. with all my meds I most definitely have added preservatives.. and I most definitely am not #steroidfree 😂.

Here is to hopefully feeling a lot better in 3 days! And hopefully ( she types as she crosses her fingers, toes, and eyeballs while simultaneously knocking on wood)
#MightyTogether #warrior #thriver #findthejoy


How are you #thriving this week?

Holidays can be extremely hard for us #Spoonies and this Valentines day has been no different. I just want to remind you that you are loved and worthy. No matter what, you are here, you are a warrior and you are a #thriver ! #ThriverThursday#LymeDisease#ChronicIllness#Depression#MentalHealth#Anxiety