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    Advice. What would you guys do?

    I had a bad experience at a hospital when I had surgery over a year ago. At the time I was humiliated and felt ashamed to talk about it but lately I’ve been having nightmares about it and I really want to do something about it but I feel like I cannot. I feel afraid of speaking out and it was so long ago will anyone believe me? I also think I’m not strong enough to be firm about it or find the right person to tell.
    Also psa. It wasn’t the doctor / surgeon. It was my whole aftercare surgery experience. #ChronicIllness #Pain #BrainSurgery


    Toxic Narcissist mother

    I am just wanting to go on with my life and try to forget all the things that my own mother put inside my head. After my brain surgeries she did everything she could to make me doubt my worth here on earth, only to make me stick around to take care of her. I had to get away from her because she made me feel so worthless, I know God placed me here to help others and that’s all I want to do. I am here to lift others up and help others find their dreams.



    I had frontal lobe surgery for my Epilepsy last August. No seizures since last September. Keep your fingers crossed!


    #BrainSurgery #Stroke #Hemiparesis #Recovery #outpatienttherapy

    Is there anyone going through inpatient therapy for cognitive, physical, and occupational therapies? I had AVM which led to a stroke last year


    I shouldn't be surprised...

    #Hydrocephalus #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #BrainSurgery #ChronicPain

    Went to bed and woke up with my head and eyes hurting. Again. It's not the first time. So I shouldn't be surprised. And I know it won't be the last time either *cringes*

    For the four hundred millionth time, I wish I could pull this damn shunt out of my head. But that probably wouldn't be a good idea. I just want a bit of a break from this damn pain, that's all. Ugh. FML.

    Here's to hoping I make it through the day...


    I see the benefits even more now...

    #Hydrocephalus #BrainSurgery #damaged nerves #Headache

    So I've been back at work, working from a colleague's house, for almost 2 weeks.

    This means that I don't have the luxury of taking naps or laying down as I used to at 11 am anymore. I can feel the effects, right now. My head hurts quite badly. Me being me though, I'm poker-facing it, acting like I'm okay... *sighs*

    I guess drinking this water will have to do, because headache tablets don't help. Let's hope it does the trick and carries me through the day

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    Hello my #MightyTogether followers!! How are you? I have some exciting news 🗞 I just submitted my first story of #2021 The topic of my story is on my condition of #Hydrocephalus acceptance and #BodyPositive issues!!! I am excited!!! #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #BrainSurgery

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    #keepmovingforward #onefootinfrontoftheother

    At this #time last year I started having high pitched noises in my ears, my skull felt tingly and hot like it was #onfire , and #Brainzaps in my head and neck, and feeling like electricity was going down my spine. I thought I was #Crazy because no one can hear, feel or see what was happening and debilitating #mylife . 2 MRI's done on 12/27/19 I get the call from my neurologist. No pinched nerve, no m.s. Two #brainanurisyms . Both need surgery. I ask my neurosurgeon if the symptoms I've been having aren't anurisym related then #wtf is it?? #anxiety #stressresponsemode #fightorflight
    3/6/20 I had a full #Crainiotomy afraid to touch my head or look at myself or ask for help. My first surgery in my life was #BrainSurgery . The photo here is Miracle who stood by me, or pulled me, so I'd #NeverGiveUp . Second surgery was 7/23/20. Anxiety #savedmylife even though it was due to working non-stop as a counselor with #peoplewhousedrugs and training thousands on how to #savealife from #opioidoverdose with #Naloxone but I never took time to care for me, I gave it away. My anxiety is better, still sucks daily but not like before. Except for today, it was a replay of #Healing and of #hurting . #Miracle , once again pulled me through, and I didn't fight her.
    I fought anxiety. And won.

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    Pain Through Pandemic

    More good news from my hardwork:

    The Facial Pain Research Foundation wrote about my experiences during COVID-19.

    I am very proud of this and the words I spoke to the world. Please have a read:


    #TrigeminalNeuralgia #COVID19 #pandemic #facialpain #BrainSurgery #TicDouloureux #Proudofmyself #MentalHealth #Accomplishments #pleaseshare #braintumors