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I think we all have to know, wishing and fate only takes us so far ion life. We all hope and pray for a good life that is happy. We have to think and find what that is gonna be. Doesn't need to be anything big. It should be the simple and small things in life. If you really want change in life. We have to be the ones to make the changes. Making small steps at a time. Nothing in this life is handed to us. We also have to accpect some things can't be changed and learn to live with it. Just need to learn to #try and go for it. Yes in life we all do have many #MentalHealth struggles to deal with. Some are worse then others. But you can fight and push threw it. Sometimes we may want a different happy life. But we don't wanna do anything about it, or we say we can't do it. Then how do one expect change to happen? It's not easy of course. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety Think we also need to know, if we need help and we can reach out for help. Maybe we need help on that.

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Be #creative and #try something #New !

I bought a cute kit from #Target that had brought me small joy. It comes with paint, two brushes, and two things to paint on front and back. What kind of items do you use for your outlet for #Anxiety ? How do you practice #Mindfulness ?

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Keep Hope alive in your mind.#Faith #Hope #Believe

If you believe, Hanging on any bit of hope and staying positive is the key. It's what made me get through my hard times. Praying also. Well for me anyways. Never give up hope. #YouCanDoIt #try #Believe #Christianity #Grief #god #jesuslovesyou


A Big Thank You to my new Family 💓😊 #try to Smile Everyday..

Yesterday was the first time in awhile that I was smiling and happy. Just a note I always look angry to people🤣💓🥰..but back to my thank you note to everyone. I have so far have talked to and hopefully helped along the way. You guys are my new family.❤️💖🤗


#Sadness #

Right #Now I am feeling angery my old man is sick and know it’s not coved#people are so fake , and hurtful it’s not everybody it’s just the men that I find in my life that are hurtful and trys to break my spirit #and they are doing a wonderful job. #Trying to take care of my old man his 56 I know that’s not old . # And I am basically hit hard and I am not hit Physical it’s all mentally he doesn’t think that there is something wrong.So I will leave him to his self he doesn’t need me or my help. #and the other man I think I wrote about him ! #try to talk to him ,he is was very special to me . I told him a lot about me.Now weather he read any I don’t know.He is very good at hurting me I don’t know if he does it to anyone else #.It doesn’t matter my hole life I have been some how, Hurt from my dad ,
To my 1st husband, Now my second husband doesn’t want my help when he’s sick and , #I am just a maid.With no benefits.From the first I didn’t see it, but things change , #he told his sister that he’s two sisters and A friend he said was adopted .Where the most important to him.Not me or his daughter or his son.Only his sisters are important to him. #Not his kids .He said they where 🩸 blood his sisters #and Starlord ????Just know he has hurt me, I am wondering if all men are asses. I don’t care anymore about anything , except for my kids .They are gifts from God💕I just wanted to talk to someone.And I picked Starlord I guess he could have fun with me. #I feel like my life is over.I don’t see a future for me. #

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#the effort. #TryTryTryAgain #xiety # #try #Toxic Positive #Chainsmoker

Interviews and Judgements. Conversations and Accusations. Abuse and Assistance.
Why are so many people upset and lashing out at those who had no hand, knowledge or control over what happened. Such a person should be informed of your grief, not the recipient of your anger.

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