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Surgery 5-12-22.

I just wanted to let my leaders to know that I am having a total right knee done this afternoon and that I won't be in the Mighty today unless it is to wake up overnight to read the posts. I do more reading than posting because as soon as I think of what I want to say, I fall asleep. But do know that I get more out of reading than trying to find a counselor that doesn't understand our #chronic pain, #chronic illnesses, #UCTD , #Fibromyalgia , and my list of #mental health problems, plus about #10 more problems that I have. Thank you all for being here.😉 And I will talk to you soon.🤗!

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The Mighty’s Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2021: #10

<p>The Mighty’s Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2021: <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="10" href="/topic/10/" data-id="5c0038a4f65a7e00c386d1eb" data-name="10" aria-label="hashtag 10">#10</a> </p>
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Community Voices

Ubrelvy for migraine?Who's tried it? #Migraine

<p>Ubrelvy for <a href="https://themighty.com/topic/migraine/?label=migraine" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce9c00553f33fe997c0a" data-name="migraine" title="migraine" target="_blank">migraine</a>?Who's tried it? <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Migraine" href="/topic/migraine/" data-id="5b23ce9c00553f33fe997c0a" data-name="Migraine" aria-label="hashtag Migraine">#Migraine</a></p>
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I can't stand this pain..emotions are drowning me..

<p>I can't stand this pain..emotions are drowning me..</p>
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hello my chickens💕

<p>hello my chickens💕</p>
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What my son with special needs taught me 💔❤

Following is the list of the ten things out of many more which my special needs little boy taught me, its been three and half years that hes no longer with me,but still continues to teach me about resilience, hope,miracles and strength. #1 . MIRACLES HAPPEN: I started believing in miracles ,coz I got to see them quite often, the developmentally delayed hypotonic child who couldn't raise his neck at ten months became the wonder boy who would be jumping up and about. #2 . YOUR CHILD BECOMES YOUR BIGGEST STRENGTH: My son showed me courage like a warrior I never knew he could be,he taught me to over power week emotions,made me rational, more logical, made me aware of my inner strength, the harder it got the tougher I became. #3 : BE KIND:One of the best things he taught me was to Always Be Kind, at times he was laughed upon, made fun of, but he would always respond with a smile and would often say Sorry,I've learnt to say Sorry and Thankyou, sometimes a bit too much. #4 :STUBBORNNESS BECOMES YOUR FINE TRAIT :When you are living with a medically complexed child ,and you have all the other issues to deal with also,Stubbornness comes from within, you need to be head strong and stubborn. #5 : YOUR INSTINCT IS ALWAYS CORRECT: Even if it's a teeny tiny gut feeling Go for it,theres something super powerful about a Mothers instinct, even if the labs or scans tell differently, follow your gut instinct, it comes from the heart. #6 . YOU DONT PANIC ANYMORE: Even though the stormy waves will be gushing to and fro in your life,you learn to remain calm,not panic ,take charge, amidst , my sons dangerous seizures, with constant falls,cuts and stitches,I discovered the New Calm Me. #7 :YOU LEARN EVERY DAY HOW TO BE A BETTER MOM:Learning becomes apart of you,no matter how learned you are, your child gets to become your biggest teacher,you learn the lessons of patience, strength and unconditional love, your child will make you the advocate, you always wanted to meet. #8 :YOU WILL BE MAKING EXTRA ORDINARY NEW BEST FRIENDS:Along the journey of raising my little boy, I met similar and stronger moms,who continue to inspire me till date with their strength, wit and hope. #9 :YOU'VE GOT THIS: No matter what the world,or Google,or doctors or therapists tell you, You've always got this, You become your biggest support,every time you get knocked down,you'll stand up stronger than before. #10 . ACCEPT and LET GO: sometimes ,comes a point when the journey is also about braving through the most painful moment,After all the storms you've sailed through, you also learn to surrender, to the will of Al Mighty, You surrender and you let go, only for the memories to give you new strength.

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I found #10 Bog boots #wintershoebrands

I found #10 Bog boots by acciden. I use them any time the ground is wet or snowy. I did find my toes got cold so I went to wallmart and bought lambs wool. I cut out the shape of my feet (1 wool piece upside down.) Then added them to my boot like an insole. Now my feat are warm as toast, always!

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