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Why I LOVE 💜The Mighty

I blog about Mental Health on an up and coming platform daily. I started out with no direction in mind. I was just trying out this new app and decided this will be the moment that I finally start blogging. I began uploading whatever resignated with me and before I knew it one of the other bloggers pinned my blog as a Mental Health blog and from that moment on I began to get deeper with the knowledge that I was sharing. With the human brain being so complex there are many disorders and I do my best to educate others. Whether I get likes, comments or views I keep pushing information out there.

A great writer, radio show host and blogger on the platform reached out to me and advised me that there was a website that supports Mental Health and that they might be looking for writer's "so check it out". For some time now I have been going through The Mighty website/App just reading and learning how to use it. I must say that she didn't tell me that The Mighty also supports people living with chronic illnesses. 😲 I instantly went from loving The Mighty to absolutely head over heals 👠. I am always advocating for mental health but also the mind and body connection because chronic illnesses and mental health go hand in hand.

I suffer from 2 chronic illnesses and of course it messes with your mental health because it's connected to parts that aren't working so well. I can't stress the mind and body connection enough because medical doctor's act like medical school taught them that the body can operate right without a healthy functioning brain. 🙄 The mind and body connection is so deep that an unhealthy mind, stress and biological factors can cause chronic illness and in a person who so called doesn't have any mental health issues (I believe everyone suffers from something), chronic illness and injury to the body can trigger and or be the onset of mental health issues. Neither can function properly without each other.

The Mighty is a great place for everyone I don't care what you have and I think that it is simply amazing. I know...I know... I'm late, The Mighty been around for some time now but I am just finding out not to long ago and I am excited about it. The Mighty has a great community of people and is a great resource for support and education on other conditions, disorders, disabilities, and chronic illnesses. Knowledge is power and so is a supportive site like The Mighty, powerful to say the least. Salute to The Mighty founder(s) and team. 💯💜 #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #TheMighty #Depression #Anxiety #Endometriosis #InterstitialCystitis #BipolarDepression #PTSD #painwarrior #SuicideAwareness #MindBodyConnection #PersonalityDisorders #chronicbadass #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #Abuse #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #Cancer #DomesticViolence #ChildAbuse #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #SocialAnxiety

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A year ago today - My #Flashbackfriday

This was my Instagram post just a little bit ago. Thought I might share here for all my fellow warriors in case you need a bit of hope today.

Here is my #fbf .


The start of my journey after diagnosis came one year ago, thanks to many, including @malsawareness - Thank you. I can’t believe how much has happened since then. Diagnosis, diagnosis confirmation, trips to meet surgeon and have a block performed, (which for anyone reading, they asked if I was nauseous, and I said no, and then looked at my mom, and said, “*That’s* what nausea feels like? I feel nauseous 24/7.” I didn’t realize I was until I wasn’t. I also ate more and faster than usual and was seeing stars so much oxygen was getting to my brain.) and just a few short months later, surgery with that same doc. Recovery is still hard, and I am still trying to piece together what is improved from surgery, and what is other conditions. But about 6 months after surgery now, and I don’t regret it a bit. #NoFilter #nofilterneeded #forreasons #likeawesomeness #Flashbackfriday

(And, yes, I use a lot of hashtags. A new one I should add, #hashimotos.)

#chronicbadass #Fibromyalgia #fibrowarrior #posturalorthostatictachycardia #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #PCOS #PolycysticOvarianSyndrome #Hypothyroidism #ist #InappropriateSinusTachycardia #InvisibleIllness #InvisibleChronicIllness #ifight #iwin #BeBrave #Dysautonomia #autonomicnervoussystem #rosecea #Gastroparesis #ehlersdanlossyndrometype3 #MedianArcuateLigamentSyndrome #nutcrackersyndrome #IBS

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This is Me

Sea breeze in my hair as I ate fish and chips on the dock..... You’d never know this was my first “major” outing after spending just shy of a week in hospital for open surgery, and being discharged this past Wednesday. It’s the little things, like the baggy clothes I had to go out and buy because nothing I packed fits from the bloating post op. The hospital band and “allergy” band still on my wrist. The visitation sticker from visiting one of my “surgery buddies” who got bumped to this week instead of this past week. The anti nausea patch behind my ear. The meds in my system, and my mom’s phone going off that the pharmacy in her purse that was filled at discharge needs some dispensing. The little “Zipper Buddies” stuffed fox I got for me and my surgery buddies clutched tightly to my chest to hold my incision in case I cough or sneeze or laugh. This is the face of someone who is fighting. It’s a long recovery, but I have been blessed with magnificent doctors, and an amazing new set of friends going on the same journey, and we are figuring this out together. From walking the hallways hunched over in walkers in pain from the 5”-ish long incision, to standing straighter day by day, and trying to breathe through the pain, as we shuffle in our “fall risk” grippy socks. And this surgery only tackles one diagnosis. But I’m just gonna keep shufflin’ in my grippy socks that say “Slay” on the bottom, and live up to what they say. This is what rare looks like. This is what MALS looks like. This is what chronic illness looks like. This is what one semi good day looks like. This is what I look like. #filter #filterneeded #forreasons #likeawesomeness #mylightingsucks #ChronicIllness #chronicbadass #Fibromyalgia #fibrowarrior #POTS #posturalorthostatictachycardia #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndro me #PCOS #PolycysticOvarianSyndrome #Hypothyroidism #ist #InappropriateSinusTachycardia #InvisibleIllness #InvisibleChronicIllness #ifight #iwin #BeBrave #Dysautonomia #autonomicnervoussystem #rosecea #Gastroparesis #ehlersdanlossyndrometype3 #MedianArcuateLigamentSyndrome #nutcrackersyndrome #IBS