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How to deal with family and work with newly diagnosed fibromyalgia and struggle with depression and anxiety!!!!

2021 was a crappy year for me and my family with me newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, 2 hospitalizations due to anxiety and depression and fatigue. My husband forced me back to work even though I didn’t know why I wasn’t feeling well. He has in the past said that I’m lazy and probably told the children that as well. My children feel somewhat estranged from me. Work bosses are really working with me when I don’t feel well, however, I feel I let them down and judged by coworkers. I’m just learning about fibromyalgia and how to deal with it. I don’t know how others will know and accept my limitations. #Fibromyalgia #FamilyCounseling


Space #PersonalGrowth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I miss my on campus life. It was liberating. Although i was living with 3more people but it was great. I could go out easily ,make my own decisions and eat whatever I wanted to.
Now things are different. I'm back home. I have resposibities. I have to take into account foir more people before making any choice.
Its binding. It's exhausting.
I'm not being ungrateful for my family. It just its different.



How can I help my teenage siblings?

My younger brother and sister are having a very tough time these days and my parents are not very supportive or encouraging. My parents are very negative and fearful and the pandemic just gives them more fuel to scare and control my siblings.

I would even argue that my parents' behavior towards them is emotionally and physically abusive and medically, emotionally and educationally neglectful. My parents have always been devoid of empathy and abusive to animals and children.

My parents are not doing anything to help my siblings get an education, in fact they're making it harder. They don't help them at all and punish them if they can't do it all on their own.

And my parents refuse to provide my brother and sister medical treatment. I know my siblings suffer from depression, learning disorders and extreme social isolation, so I worry a lot about their health and safety. My sister gets paralyzing body spasms and can't control them and she has never been to a doctor or specialist to figure out anything about them. She's learning to drive now, what if she has one behind the wheel?

She stepped on a needle once and my parents still tell her how expensive that ER trip was (and my parents have money, they were easily able to pay for it ). It was an accident. Needless to say, no one steps on needles for fun.

My brother asked to go to a therapist and my parents took him once and when they got the bill they wouldn't ever shut up about it and told everyone so he quit out of shame and because they held it over his head and made him feel bad for asking to go.

What can I do to help my siblings?

I am worried about their health and safety.

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Understanding Chronic Illness #Understanding #ChronicIllness

I am a teenager suffering with multiple chronic illnesses, and as a teenager when you say I can’t walk anymore or I need to stop before I pass out I get the response “suck it up” or “your fine” and “your to young to have a chronic illness.” When I hear my family say this, I cry every single time on the inside. Any suggestions on how to help my family understand. #teenager #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicFatigue #help #FamilyCounseling


My friend has a daughter for her cousin brother Without the knowledge of anyone in the family What’s your advice on this ? #FamilyCounseling #Depression

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