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I am in #direNeed of someone with #experience in the #dietician area. In my town, there is no one close/in my network. #please , im #malnourished and #bulimic at no fault of my own. Im #starving to death slowly and I don't know what to do. ...I don't know where else to turn...


Fear with intense sadness

This photo was taken recently walking my dog Unable to secure any help for #Anorexia (UK) having lived with an #EatingDisorder #ComplexPTSD #DID #DissociativeDisorder 36 out of my 48 years alive This is despite proactive attempts now with help of advocate await urgent referral to gastroenterology It has been 3 weeks so far waiting for I pray a date I need to be listened to as there is a good rationale behind what I am asking for ( #nasogastricrefeeding in the community I agree to hospitalised initially for this to be fitted etc I know this is possible as I have had before unsuccessfully But now I am in a different place with a private counsellor I see x2 week for trauma work I am adamant being re-fed has to work alongside this So essential work can be done while regaining weight etc 7 months fighting for this to be put in place meanwhile grow increasingly #malnourished #underweight and at risk Does no one care No one has ever really cared about me in the way I yearn for ( i . e the attachment one makes with caregivers - mother & father - did not happen I work hard against the ingrained belief of my unworthiness an ingrained self belief I want to recover an existence I've never had - one where I can relate with myself and food in a healthier way So that I may have a chance of reaching my potential in whatever I do e . g I champion for mental health awareness fundraise have trained my rescue dog to become my assistance dog for mental health Does no one care Thank you if this has been read to this point for I have rambled on and contribute little to this incredible marvellous #TheMighty and #TheMightyCommunity that use it around the world I wonder how many there are who follow #TheMighty in the UK I have realised I do not know how to add a photo I wonder if #tinypic works in this http : //tinypic . com/r/2nltxtv/9