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Post Surgery

I’ve still been in a lot of pain. My surgeon said if physical therapy doesn’t work that we’ll start having a conversation around a hysterectomy. He also wants me to try IV Ketamine treatments concurrently with physical therapy. My surgeon thinks I might have adenomyosis as well and the only cure for that is a hysterectomy. I’m so frustrated and sad. I thought the excision surgery would help me but it didn’t. #Endometriosis #Adenomyosis #ExcisionSurgery #Chronicpelvicpain


Post-Endometriosis Surgery

I had excision surgery for Endometriosis 111 days ago. I still experience intense pain during my period. I also suffer from chronic pelvic pain. I have physical therapy scheduled for the end of December. The surgeon suspects I have Adenomyosis as well. If physical therapy doesn’t work we’re talking about a hysterectomy because hormonal treatment makes me worse. I’m frustrated and I feel so alone in all of this. #Endometriosis #Chronicpelvicpain #ExcisionSurgery #Adenomyosis

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Endometriosis #Endometriosis #Endo

Endometriosis yes it’s a hard pill to swallow. The uncertainty of even knowing its there before getting cut open is hard. But it’s my gut feeling and I’m trusting that guy as it’s been eight before. 2015 I was down this road before and did have ablasion surgery. So now with that knowledge I’m going to take it with me and my symptoms to a specialist for #ExcisionSurgery and hopefully have some real success.
In the meantime I fight with all other #endowarrior s ! #Endometriosis #Endo

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Severe pain all day everyday now...#Endometriosis

...and every night. I can't work, do errands, make food, etc. It's time for another #ExcisionSurgery but I'll have to wait for a while. Please send encouragement...

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Cat yoga -it’s a thing!

I started my yoga session and a minute later guess who was in my lap. And when it was time to move to “table top”, I had a disgruntled fur child on my hands. How dare I move the lower half of my body! Haha!!

This is my cat Gracie. She is my keeper. When I was curled up on the floor in most every room of my apartment over the last few years, she was there. When I came home from pushing myself to work a full day with an excruciating painful illness and had to lay on the floor upon entering the apartment, she was there. When painsomnia struck at 2am, she was there.

Now here I am 4 weeks post opt from the biggest surgery of my life, and here is my little girl. Bless you Gracie Mae, my little yogi. 🧘‍♀️ 🐈 🧘‍♀️

#CheckInWithMe #Depression #Cats #furbabies #Yoga #Endometriosis #Adenomyosis #TotalHysterectomy #ExcisionSurgery #Thorasicendometrosis #Synthetichormones #Anxiety


Not today Endometriosis!! NOT TODAY!!

I had major surgery a week ago to rid my body of stage 4 Endometriosis. My mom and I flew half way across the country just the two of us to have excision surgery with a top multi-disciplinary team of specialized endometriosis surgeons in the US. We are home now and it’s recovery time. I’m kicking butt and taking names. It hurts but not even close to the pain I endured day in and at out for years. The whole trip and surgery feels like it was a dream. I can’t believe we did it. I can’t believe all 8 months of planning finally happened. I can’t believe I’m finally on the road to getting my life back. #CECgrad #ExcisionSurgery #stage4endometrisis #TotalHysterectomy #Nookdoctor 💛🎗💛🎗💛


My surgeon got rid of my endo #Endometriosis #ExcisionSurgery

This next April it will be three years I have not had endo. My mom fought so hard for me and found me a surgeon who knows his stuff. My endo hasn’t come back but this doesn’t make me pain free. When waking up from this surgery he told me I also have adenomyosis. This is not my battle with pain. But at least I don’t have both diseases. If anyone wants his contact information or advice he has also helped two other girls I have sent to see him. Please never stop fighting because there is an end.