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Stopping triggers

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to stop or prevent triggers. I suffer from PTSD from my past abusive relationship and even though I left 7+ years ago I still have them, not as often as I used to but they are so severe still, I am left feel exhausted and emotional for days after and raising a family and working I don't have time for the debilitating feelings.
If I throw myself into work then I tend to end up on the manic side of things where I'll go, go, go and then fall into a depression.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
#PTSD #manicdepression #domesticviolencesurvivor

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What do you see? #Depression #PTSD #Addiction #SexualAbuse #domesticviolencesurvivor #Disability #chronic disease #ServiceDogs #ChronicPain

Most days I admit I have tunnel vision. I am so preoccupied with just trying to make it through the day, I often miss all of the beautiful things around me. The person who coined the phrase, “stop and smell the roses, ” must of knew how important it was to take a minute and see the beauty and blessings all around us. Lately, I have made a point to stop and look at the sky. I’m amazed at all the things I see! Lately, I see dogs of all shapes and sizes running and playing. The sky has become one huge dog park! My imagination soars... Are these beloved pets who have crossed Rainbow Bridge?! My heart is happy and hopeful. Just for a minute my pain and problems subside. Just for a moment, I am not focused on myself or this crazy world we live in.

What if tomorrow we took a moment to walk outside and look up! The sky and the clouds above are waiting to put on a show for anyone who will just stop and admire them. What kind of world would it be if everyone took a minute to applaud the sunrise each morning and give the sunset a standing ovation every night!

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Trigger 4 me - asking 4 permission.

Ive reacently come out of a domestic voliance situation where is wasnt good. I couldnt do alot of things Either cause i had no money or I wasnt aloud to. Now i work in early education and care and i want to say my hair like the pic a hidden rainbow. Always wanted to. But my workplace has a policy in place that you are not allowed to dye your hair unnatural colours and if you havnt seeked permission you will receive a written warning. A massive trigger of mine is asking for permission. It makes me feel like I'm back to a controling relationship again. Makes me feel like im not worth anything and I've lost power over my own body and im not in control. Ive wanted this for a while but cant bring myself to ask work. And I cant risk losing my job because i need the money to pay of the debt that ive been left with because of my ex..... I'm really torn. I didnt realise that your workplace had the power to control what you did to your own body......... #Feelinglost #tornintwo #PTSD #Anxiety #domesticviolencesurvivor


Learning Experience #PTSD, #domesticviolencesurvivor

I came to understand yesterday that I need to get counseling for my ptsd because it is damaging my relationships. I was in an abusive relationship for 2 years which ended last October. I recently started a new relationship and have discovered through a conversation with my boyfriend and 2 close friends last night that I have some problems with communication and being extremely easily triggered. Honestly this stuff has been going on my whole life beginning with childhood trauma and it’s painful to understand. I feel happy that I made a breakthrough but still anxiety about making the same mistakes in the future and disappointment about not being able to see these issues earlier. I’m thankful that 3 people love me enough to have a talk with me about it without abandoning me after. I just want to let go of being in perpetual fight or flight and be able to finally really trust people again. It’s so difficult I’m even tearing up now as I write this because it feels right now impossible to do although I know I can do it.

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No #SexualViolence #domesticviolencesurvivor

Many nights I layed there staring at the ceiling
Hoping something would stop you.
Willing the words to come from the back of my throat
It seemed easy to say no before.
But that day in our room changed everything
I layed there as you kept going when you knew it wasn't OK.
The look of horror, disgust and fear on my face
Never said to you no?
You kept going further and further ripping off my clothes.
I felt as though I'd throw up any second
When you started pounding at my soul,
Whilst I quietly whispered "no"
I always pretend you didn't hear it
Like it never got said
Each pound taking a small amount of self esteem
I actually had left
I looked at the clock often wishing time would race.
Begging time to hurry so it would all be over
After you finished you were always mad at me
Saying I owed you a proper root
It was always about you.....


Three things I'm grateful for...

1) My #truefriends ; who do everything they can to #understand what I'm faced with and continue to be #Accepting and #supportive .

2) Having my own #home , where I #feelsafe ; it's warm, calm and #comfortable , I can receive my daily #HomeCare with confidence, and live in the catchment area for an awesome #carecompany . All the standard services are reliable, there's decent internet here and my abusers have nooo idea where I am!

3) That I'm still able to be #creative from time to time; even with #multiplechronicillnesses that leave me mostly #housebound #Disabled , it gives me something to look forward to, knowing that as long as I continue to listen to my body, I can do what I enjoy most when I'm able to.

#52SmallThings #3thingsimgratefulfor #myalgicencephalopathy #ME #pwme #HEDS #restlesslimbsyndrome #Migraines #Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #BrainFog #Tinnitus #ehlersdanlossyndromev3 #POTS #eds3 #CPTSD #PTSD #MillionsMissing #Potsie #Zebra #Spoonie #theunchargables #InvisibleIllness #invisibledisabilities #thedruidessofmidian #thespooniedruidess #disabledmodel #creativemodel #altmodel #spooniemodel #DomesticAbuseSurvivor #rapesurvivor #domesticviolencesurvivor #escapedtoxicfamily