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Cult recovery memoir!#PTSDAwarenessMonth #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #UlcerativeColitis #AnalCancer #spiritualabuse #cultrecovery

I'm thrilled that a publisher has accepted my memoir, "A Slice of Orange." It is about my life in the Rajneesh cult and the long recovery as I re-entered society. My history of ulcerative colitis since the age of 10 certainly features, but it is not about chronic illness. It is about resilience and recovery from #Trauma of several kinds (I am a trauma therapist). Please go to my website to sign up for the newsletter and track when it will be released

Nicola Ranson - Trauma therapist writes about her cult recovery

My memoir addresses what leads someone to join a cult, how to recover from the psychological devastation – and the many joyful times in between.
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Mighty Virtual Events: Friday, 6/11/21!

Learn about one of our Mighty editor's journey over the years as a mental health advocate:

Later, connect and learn with others who live with PTSD:

#MightyEvents #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAdvocacy #PTSDAwarenessMonth #PTSD

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There's a monster inside,
mostly invisible,
sometimes barely contained,
it's open wounds
reflecting society's gaslight,
it's teeth sunk deep
within my chest.
A beast birthed
from the union of
enduring trauma
and masked pain.

I've tried to move forward,
leave it behind.
I've tried to banish it,
beat it,
break free
from it's hold over me.
I've locked it away
in my mind's attic,
an act of survival,
but I'm beginning to see
there's no real escape
from this monstrosity
created from
pieces of me.

So attempting to befriend
what I can't seem to kill,
I reach out
hands trembling
heart racing,
I coax
I cajole
the creature
from it's den.

Low and behold,
this dark beast wanes
when exposed to the light,
not really gone
and far from dead
but small enough
tame enough
that it's bite
while still drawing blood
no longer devours
whole parts of me.

- Remy Soberanes


June is PTSD awareness month. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can happen to anyone and in a myriad of ways, not just in combat situations. My brand is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Enduring Somatic Threat (PTSD-EST) from decades of living in the chronic illness word and dealing with our health care system.

This poem is dedicated to all my fellow PTSD-ers out there. I see you. I feel you. I am you.

#MightyPoets #PTSD #PTSDAwarenessMonth #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #MedicalPtsd #PTSD -est #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicIllness #InvisibleDisability

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#innerchild #Healing #Awareness

Sometimes the grief I feel over everything I didn’t have as a child becomes visceral and it makes it hard to breathe.

My inner child is screaming for love, for comfort, for validation.

I will do everything in my power to make sure my children will never question their worth. 🌻

#innerchild #innerchildhealing #PTSDawareness #PTSDAwarenessMonth #Trauma #traumainformed #childhoodtrama #childhoodsexualabusesurvivor #Survivingchildhoodtrauma #Ptsdrecovery #TraumaRecovery

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Newest Mental Health Podcast

Hi everyone I just wanted to see if you can check out our podcast. give it a listen and I hope it can help you. #PTSDAwarenessMonth #CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety



I have bipolar anxiety ADHD and CPTSD.
I just started CPT 2 weeks ago and it is intense. I am crying all the time and hardly sleeping. I feel like I'm pushing myself into a manic phase but trying to hold it https://down.has anybody else had experience with CPT and does it work because I can't imagine the symptoms of PTSD getting worse than this


Can a heart break or rather broken marriage causes PTSD??

Hello to everyone at the Mighty, am new on here on this community and I like to share a little of my past, not much just a hint. I have been battling PTSD for some years now as a result of my broken marriage, my med hardly work for me these days any suggestions from anyone, am not really familiar with this I hope to do better. Thanks #PTSD #personalitydisorder #PTSD #bi #erlinePersonalityDisorder # ##PT #PTSDAwarenessMonth