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Advice on leaving job/career

I am two years into a fibro/CFS diagnosis which was ultimately caused by both physical trauma to my body from years of health issues and years of emotional trauma from growing up, placing daughter for adoption and my career, social work. I got COVID last year and still struggle with post-COVID symptoms-especially in my breathing and headaches. I have extreme arthritis as well. After working through trauma and getting to a place where I have more insight, I am seeing that I need a different job/career. One less intense. One with support. I need to heal more and cannot do so while doing the very thing that caused trauma. Any advise on changing careers? It would be beneficial to work from home bc I get sick whenever I leave my house and my anxiety is so strong right now. The world does not feel safe. #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Trauma #ChronicFatigue #COVID19 #BrainFog #Anxiety #socialwork #Work #workfromhome #Arthritis

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Started a Group for #therapists who have #MentalHealthIssues

Hi everyone! Thank you for accepting me.

I am a licensed #counselor in New York State.

I have been in #Therapy since I was 16. I’ll be 41 this year.

As a #mentalhealthprofessional , I have found that one way to #endstigma is to be more #authentic and #Vulnerable .

What does that mean? Well… therapists needs therapists, too! #Burnout is real. I know I especially do a horrible job with #selfcare . The last two years have been especially hard on almost everyone, and the need for more funding for MH in our country is not where we want it to be. :(

I have #generalizedanxiety and #MajorDepressiveDisorder . I had horrible #postpartum anxiety and depression for a year after my son was born.

I invite anyone in the helping professions to join our group. Let’s support one another and lift each other up. Thank you. :)
#socialwork #Counseling #Psychiatrist #psychologist #Nurse #Therapist #endstigma #Support

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Treebath’s Forest Therapy Training Earns ASWB Accreditation

When we launched Treebath back in 2017 we could never have foretold where we would end up. Never did we expect to become the first nature-based therapy program to achieve ASWB accreditation for example!

The Approved Continuing Education (ACE) certification that the Association of Social Workers Board (ASWB) has awarded us now means that social workers who complete out training will receive 9 General Social Work Practice continuing education credits- a momentous step forwards for nature-based therapies.

“Achieving ACE accreditation for our Forest Therapy Practitioner training program highlights our dedication to upholding the highest professional standards to ensure the validity and continued growth of Forest Therapy. Through achieving this accreditation, Treebath’s training materials and methodology have been rigorously reviewed and found to offer the highest quality of continued education, according to best practices.” - Nicole Elmgart, Co-Founder of Treebath

Treebath is therefore leading the way in validating Forest Therapy as a successful practice with evidence-based findings. Our own NAFTI research, in combination with other sources, has been vital in evidentiating that nature-based interventions can improve overall mental health, as well as be effective in supplementing standard treatment and rehabilitation for certain mental illnesses.

Our course was designed to teach both licensed and certified professionals in social and human services (such as social workers and healthcare professionals) how to blend Forest Therapy into their existing practices in the hope to offer a more holistic, 360 approach to mental wellness. The skills taught in our course reflect this goal; attendees are taught how to create a calm, safe, and connected space through the medium of nature, and instructed in ways to create a mindful sensory experience. It is our continued hope that this accreditation will lead to more social workers finding value in Forest Therapy and choosing to integrate it into their own practices.

We’re particularly glad to have achieved this accreditation following on from the turmoil of the last 18 months; in a time where isolation has been mandatory and social distancing has been our saving grace, it has been heartening to see so many people finding comfort in nature. Getting outdoors adopted a whole new meaning for many of us following on from our time holed up in our homes, and the newfound appreciation for nature following on from this reassures us of the necessity of our work.

It’s onwards and upwards for Treebath, and we can’t wait to continue paving the way for Forest Therapy as an essential therapeutic practice.

#mental health #Nature #Meditation #forestbathing #foresttherapy #socialwork #Therapy #Outdoors #treebath