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Brain fog , mixed up words and tears of laughter

So it happens regularly but I rarely share it with the outside world. A major incident on marsh land up the coast from us has occurred. So on spotting the first news story on social media, I went in search of other takes on the story to try get a sense of reality, as the whole incident looks akin to something out of the Australian Outback, the forests of Brazil or moorlands in the UK where major fires take hold. The mash grasses seemed to be on fire but by whom, what or how were not known. That’s the serious bit out if the way. No threats to life it says.
So as I read the story I missed the first word as I meant to say “ a woman saw something falling from the sky as she got her binoculars out to look” but what came out was the word Dracula “ as she got her Dracula’s out” . After five minutes of pulling myself together and tears of laughter falling down my cheeks, I composed myself enough to explain why I was laughing and to keep on investigating…..I came across a serious point about the incident but the sentence “The fire seems to have been started maliciously” came out as absolutely gobbledygook with only the words “malicious started” were decipherable. So I put my mouth and brain in check said out loud to myself “ start again” as my husband looked on in shock at my inability to speak whilst only half listening, with the look of shock on his face said “ malicious started by Dracula ?” Yep I lost it . It has taken me ten minutes to stop laughing 😂 absolutely crying. My laughing causes an asthma like reaction, so I get breathless and rattle as well as crying and laughing uncontrollably.
It’s a good job I can laugh at myself because the pain is unable at times. But the brain fog makes for an entertaining conversation!
Live, Laugh and Love
( Candid picture of me in raptures of laughter, captured forever by my friend ) #laughteristhebestmedicine #Laugh #BrainFog #FibroFog #unabletospeak #wordsthatisay #replacementwords #Laughing #laughingthroughthepain #ChronicPain #AutoimmuneDisease #Fibromyalgia


why have I been laughing when extremely sad/angry?

lately I’ve noticed whenever I get super sad or super angry I start laughing... I don’t find the situation funny, in fact, me laughing makes me even more embarrassed and upset, but I can’t help it. Why is this happening? Is it normal? What does it mean?
#question #Laughing #psychology #help #Crazy #Bipolar #Anxiety #Stress #Depression


Disordered Emotions

I was looking at a bunch of memes on Bored Panda and started laughing because one was really funny and suddenly I was crying. Full on crying and laughing at the same time. Within about ten minutes, I was left with only tears and a feeling of emptiness.

A few months back, I was living very far north and was watching the northern lights by myself. A similar thing happened. I tried to smile because the aurora was so beautiful and next thing I knew I was crying. I felt so helpless, being unable to even just enjoy a rare and wonderful experience.

What does it mean? How can I get back to normal emotional responses? I guess this is why I usually repress all my emotions.

#Emotions #Crying #Laughing #CPTSD

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Oh My this is soooooo funny

I dont know who actually made this but they have a very rude mind!!!!!!
Its hilarious
Butchershop hamper special anyone ???!!!!!!

Have a great day fun filled after you've stopped laughing that is
❤💖💞❣🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #giggleswithafriend #Love #Hugs #Funtimes #Laughing #Sackedbutcher #Ohmylordsofunny #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #TrigeminalNeuralgia #ChronicIllness #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Selflove #Funnyposts