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Secret men’s business #Depression #Relationships

A little while ago I started a group at church called, “Secret Men’s business”.
Covid has increased social isolation and men pre-Covid were already battling isolation.

Today we went on a 6k bush walk. It was so good. Men mingled, talked about what matters to them. Connection is so important. It’s been so good for the guys, but it’s been great for me.

Can I encourage you to reach out to someone today. It doesn’t have to be formal or intense. Even grabbing a coffee is a great start.

Risk it, try it, I am cheering you on.

#SuicidalThoughts #PTSD #Hope #MentalHealth #Faith #Christianity #Men #Reachoutforsupport


Last night

Last night I had a mental breakdown, I cried for more than 3 hours, I texted my friend and she came and took care of me. I never call a friend when I’m crying because I don’t want anyone to see my weakness, but yesterday I did. I did because my head couldn’t stop overthinking. My head couldn’t stop the bad scenarios. My head couldn’t stop the unwanted thoughts, so I reached out to a friend.
I feel like me showing my weakness for the first time, made me more vulnerable to my friend. I’m here, I have emotions, I have my bad days, I have my days where I can cry for hours and wake up with a headache.
From now on, I will not be afraid to show my weakness. I will not be afraid to show my emotions. I will not be afraid to cry for hours and ask for help because I was so close yesterday to end my life but I asked for help.
Overthinking is not easy, it can put us through tough times more like unwanted times. But my emotions are valid and as much as I hate overthinking as much as I loved the idea that my overthinking made me cry for hours.
#overthinking #help #SuicidalThoughts #unwanted #Reachoutforsupport #Mentalbreakdown #Emotion

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Kittens can climb oh joy #laughterisgoodmedicine #CheckInWithMe

To make you smile today

Hope you are having a good day

Here is a cute little picture to cheer up your day

Much love and huge hugs Tj
#Fun #Love #laughter #Family #Selflove #Stayinghome #staysafe #Hugs #Kittens #Laughs #Hugs #RareDiseases #DistractMe #Reachoutforsupport #NeverAlone #MightyTogether


I’m slowly beginning the process of reaching out to people for help. I hope that will tear down some of the walls that have been built up. I do kinda reach out to my girlfriend, but it’s others I have trouble. So I’m gonna slowly reach out. #Reachoutforsupport #Depression


Reach out

Reach out for help
They say.
It's not that easy to do.

Instead of reach out for help.
How about we say.
I'll reach out to help you
When you need it most.

-Help save eachother-

#MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #Reachoutforsupport #Poetry #poems #poet #MentalHealth #helpeachother #saveeachother #reachout #MentalHealthAwareness


Repaired Friendship #BPD #Anxiety #Depression #anger #PTSD

I’ve been going through an up and down battle I’ve been diagnosed with BPD at first I was ok with it I didn’t think anything of it until one day last month I had a very bad out anger moment towards my fiancé because of this we are on a separation even harder to go through on top of ruining a friendship all because my friend has BPD and was trying to help I got very angry and was very mean towards her and pushed her away, we have since repaired our friendship and are stronger then we were before I really don’t know where I’d be without her especially through a brake down a break up and starting a new medication I have had a lot of really downs and really highs I’m all new to this and sometimes it scary when you feel like your in the battle alone and always have the fear of abandonment #bpdlife #Reachoutforsupport #Alwaysabattle