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    #Depression #SleepingSickness

    here is someone who is feeling loneliness , depression & anxiety like me

    how to get rid of these problems

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    Believe and trust yourself, put yourself first!

    I want to share some feeling here with you as I know many of us has experienced this.
    Some weeks ago i was really bad, had #Anxiety , was #sleeping #bad, feeling bad, and so on, I guess you perfectly know this situation.
    And during that time i thought i have a paranoia or sticky thoughts.Feels like some good friends in the workplace are cheating behind me, that something really bad is going on around me.
    I thought it just seems to me, that people can't do such kind of things so I blame myself to have this unhealthy hesitations. I was trying not to fix this kind of action, I made me think "Maybe she has a bad day, or some personal issues", "She could not do that to you", "Maybe it's just a lack of empathy, nothing personal".

    However, after some time this all turned to be true, every single thing, every single action turns to be a reality.
    I don't want to tell a whole story here.. but now I have to find a new job.

    So, all I want to say: Before blaming it on your emotional health, let yourself think that some people can really hurt you and make problems for you. It's not your sticky thoughts.
    Believe and trust yourself, put yourself first and don't let them harm you!   #Anxiety
    #Thoughts   #Paranoia   #SleepingSickness


    Sick and Tired #SleepingSickness

    Without my #Cats informing me that their meals are due, my schedule would no doubt consist of something akin to one of a night-worker.

    Instead I subsist on a few hours sleep per night ( #Insomnia ). The evading rest with possible #SleepApnea combined with loving nudging mewing causes me to become more and more exhausted each day.

    Today my batteries couldn’t continue (the image of swapping them around in the TV remote to eek out a few more moments of functionality comes to mind). By 11am I was feeling nauseated and dizzy.

    My fatigue was exaggerating my #Autism as my subconscious couldn’t muster the ability to use #SocialMasking and the #Clumsiness attached to my #Dyspraxia kept causing me to constantly collide my flailing limbs with inanimate objects. #Forgetfulness is the bane of my life which is even worse when I am not just responsible for myself #Carer #AutisticCarer but it had reared itself up with surprising frequency in the 4 hours I had been awake so far.

    I decide to be kind and relent on my usual rule of not napping when I can’t sleep properly at night, and give myself a few hours: followed by a relax in the bath listening to my favourite podcasts.

    A quick recharge before real life had to continue.

    However, when my alarm went off it was like my body was heavier than normal, my vision was unfocused, and my usually over-active mind was filled with one thought: #Sleep

    My “kitten” kept watch over me like a little furry nurse-maid, giving me a quick nuzzle and a loving purr the few times I opened my eyes. Until the next meal-time eventually stirred my limbs into shifting into actual movement.

    I thought about taking the evening off; having that bath, burning some incense, and catching up on of those long-recorded programs...but an email that I had forgotten for for the nth time reminds me that that nap was probably as selfish as I can be today.

    It’s now nearly 7pm and I’m still going to have that bath ... but after dealing with reality once more.

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    Wins that don’t feel like wins

    Symptoms Leveling Off
    With idiopathic hypersomnia it can feel like sleep is trying to suck the life out of you. It is inconsistent, unrelenting, and debilitating.
    For years since my diagnosis (2013, symptoms beginning in 2010), medical professionals have been reminding me that (for a large number of patients) symptoms will level off/become more consistent as I near my thirties.
    I’m 27 and it looks like this is beginning to happen. I’m not sleeping around the clock anymore and I have fewer sleep attacks throughout the day. My eyes are open for most of the day finally. But I’m still EXHAUSTED and don’t get much done. I have to take rest breaks after every short activity.
    But it’s better. It’s not great. I still DEFINITELY have a sleep disorder. But this is... more manageable? I’m showering a little more often. I hope (hope!!!) this is the start of more consistent energy and maybe I can do more with my life.

    Thank God for wins even if they don’t feel like wins.

    Thanks for reading this, my sweet Mighty Community!

    #IdiopathicHypersomnia #sleepdisorder #Levelingoff #MightyTogether #exhausted #Shower #Sleepyhead #chronic #ChronicIllness #Hope #Narcolepsy #GAD #Anxiety #GADsucks #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Win #Littlewins #ThankGod #symptoms

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    The struggle is real

    Day of no motivation just want to sleep the week away right now :( #CheckInWithMe #struggle #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigue #ChronicDepression #SleepingSickness

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    Cry cry

    I always can rate how my day has gone well by how many tears I cry. Some days can be positive but some I can think nothing of myself.

    Sometimes I can cry over the smallest things and then over apologise for being so sad. It’s hard for those who don’t know the situation but are quick to judge.

    But sorry for what? Sorry for being sad? Sorry for being me?

    How does anyone else cheer themselves up when you get triggered?

    #BadDay #52SmallThings #AnxietyTriggers #Anxiety #Depression #breakdown #SleepDeprivation #SleepingSickness #Lifestyle #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #MightyQuestions #Other

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    Back Up Generator


    Gimme some of that glossy gasoline
    Dark fumes threaten ecstasy
    Injure me while I crank you up
    Deafen me with your cries
    I drip sweat with glee
    In hopes that this

    Back up generator will do the trick.

    WAKE UP BODY use this painful generator
    Please just wake up.
    Poison me daily
    Anything to be the old me.
    I don’t know what killed my main generator
    I remember it vividly
    It just
    Ten years since I’ve searched
    For a back up generator
    I’ve tried
    Treatments to no avail.

    If this feels undone
    It’s because it is.

    #MightyPoets #IdiopathicHypersomnia #Sleepy #Narcolepsy #Sleep #Energy #Fatigue #ChronicIllness #chronic #Wakeup #SleepingSickness #MightyTogether #Write #writer