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    Giving a hand

    The strongest people make time to help other's, even when they're struggling with there own personal problems. #bipolar disorder #sleeping disorder #mighty together


    How can I get my body to understand it's time to sleep? #Rare disease #sleeping problems

    Although I'm quite new in the group, I'm really busy helping where I can or at least hoping to.
    Since a few months I am really awake in the evenings, preventing me from sleeping when I should be.
    I wake up as usual and I don't sleep during daytime, so I'm sure to be tired in the evening. But than I really get 'alert'. I think it's a drug side effect. In my family many get an opposite reaction on drugs which should make you tired and drowsy.
    I know I can't take anything with codeine after 4 PM or I'll be awake all night. Even hardly get affected by valium. Now I have to take morphine to cope with the pain. I think it's having the same result: wake me up. I take 2 extended-release pills a day and an extra instant form when even the pills are not enough.
    Any suggestions how to teach my body to sleep at 10:30 PM instead of 2:30 AM?
    Especially when I start studying again in February, I'll definitely need my hours of sleep. So I still have time to get this fixed.


    I'M STILL AWAKE 😴 #Insomnia #Tinnitus

    It's almost 3am here in the #UK and I am no closer to #sleeping tonight... Is anyone else up? #mighty How do you keep yourself busy when you just can't sleep? #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Pain #ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #Conversation


    Trouble sleeping with #Fibromyalgia

    I often struggle with trying to sleep in a quiet space. I’ll need to turn on a show/podcast to have something louder than the audible blood pumping in my head. Does this happen to anyone else? #sleeping #Fibromyalgia


    Sleeping is ruining my life #sleeping #sleepingtoomuch #oversleeping

    I live with my sister and my kids and I sleep a lot. I get made to feel horrible for sleeping and get treated like a lazy loser and a burden by all of them. I’ve come very far since last year when I was in the hospital. No one looks at the good things, only the fact that I sleep too much. It makes me feel horrible and not want to live anymore because it is something I just cannot stop doing. I have no money, no friends and no life. My kids look down on me because I have a mental illness and openly express how I embarrass them. They tray me like shit because they see my sister do it. I don’t know how to change any of this. I’m lost and feel like things will never change.

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    Believe and trust yourself, put yourself first!

    I want to share some feeling here with you as I know many of us has experienced this.
    Some weeks ago i was really bad, had #Anxiety , was #sleeping #bad, feeling bad, and so on, I guess you perfectly know this situation.
    And during that time i thought i have a paranoia or sticky thoughts.Feels like some good friends in the workplace are cheating behind me, that something really bad is going on around me.
    I thought it just seems to me, that people can't do such kind of things so I blame myself to have this unhealthy hesitations. I was trying not to fix this kind of action, I made me think "Maybe she has a bad day, or some personal issues", "She could not do that to you", "Maybe it's just a lack of empathy, nothing personal".

    However, after some time this all turned to be true, every single thing, every single action turns to be a reality.
    I don't want to tell a whole story here.. but now I have to find a new job.

    So, all I want to say: Before blaming it on your emotional health, let yourself think that some people can really hurt you and make problems for you. It's not your sticky thoughts.
    Believe and trust yourself, put yourself first and don't let them harm you!   #Anxiety
    #Thoughts   #Paranoia   #SleepingSickness


    Insomnia & Narcolepsy?

    I’m going to go right out and lay my diagnoses down for background: #bipolar- Mixed, #Anxiety , #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder , #ADHD , #Fibromyalgia , #PTSD , #BingeEatingDisorder and lastly I’m a recovering #alcoholic , #SOBER for about three years now.

    My question is:
    Has anyone become so #overwhelmed to the point of, what I call “passing out” but it’s simply getting very #Drowsy to the point of falling asleep... at any time of the day but then Also have #Insomnia to the point where you’re not #sleeping for days in a row?

    Is this #Insomnia AND #Narcolepsy ? Is it possible to have both as #symptoms of my dx’s? Or does anyone think it’s just a #traumaresponse with the insomnia I already have? I’m starting to fall asleep too much now at the wrong times. My clock is out of whack and I’m driving my husband up the walls! Advice?!

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    It's the Weekend Yayyy #sleeping #Selfcare #CheckInWithMe

    Hello Mighty Family n Friends
    It's the Weekend at last yayyy

    Time for all the things you didn't do during the week.
    Like sleeping, some much needed self care on you, or as I call it.

    Me time, maybe a soak in the tub or reading a book, sitting in the sun out on the deck. Spending some time with the pups grooming them. It's all selfcare in my book, as it's good for me and Its relaxing For me.

    What's your selfcare, what is your ME TIME?!

    Do tell
    Whatever it is
    Give yourself some time in the weekend or week to do that much needed selfcare. To relax and recharge those batteries.

    Love n hugs Tj
    #Bekindtoyourself #Love #Hope #Arthritis #RareDisease #TrigeminalNeuralgia #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #ClusterHeadaches #MigraineWithAura #Bekind #Family #Friends #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth

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    Awake #DistractMe

    Good Morning Mighty Family

    When you've slept for so
    Long you don't remember what day of the week it is

    Yeah that is were I'm at 😁

    So I need some distraction please

    What have you got for me.

    Some funny stories or what have you been up too!

    I need to stay awake. I'm waiting for my doctor to phone me up. My new meds are making me very tired.
    So please keep me busy and amused .

    Much love Tj
    😁😀😴🛌🙄😎😊 #sleeping #Love #ClusterHeadaches #TrigeminalNeuralgia #RareDisease #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Family #Friends #Anxietys

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    Good Morning #Giggles

    Morning Mighty Family

    I slept most of yesterday and I mean slept. I'm on new meds and I think they are making me very tired. Yawn.
    As soon as I wake up I want a nap.
    So yesterday I gave in to the tiredness and slept all day. Guess what I'm still blooming tired.
    Time to speak to my Doctor I think. 😂😁🤔

    I'm awake now but give me an hour and all I want is to go back to sleep. I suppose this is a good way to pass lockdown but long will it last...

    So from being an insomniac to being asleep all the time is very strange indeed. A very strange situation indeed. They are helping my cluster headaches a bit.

    Mmm what to do?
    😴😴😴 I'll catch you when I'm awake next. Yawn . I need match sticks to keep my eyes open
    And something to stir my brain to make it work. 🤯
    🤗😘🧡❤Tj love n hugs
    #Yawn #tired #fatique #sleeping #RareDisease #ClusterHeadaches #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Love #Family