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Having a bit of an emotional breakdown

Could you share some cute pet photos, memes, quotes or anything that might help a little ? Thanks so much if anyone can, or to keep me in their thoughts.

#DistractMe #Crying #FeelingAlone #Nofriends #stressfulfamily #Trying #hardtimes #regret #breakup #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma

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How to deal with abuse from a family member?

When you have to try to ignore hurtful comments, or verbal abuse, I can’t live independently sadly for now, though I love them it’s a hard dynamic.
Thanks #Abuse #Family #Stress #Holidays #verbal #Depression #hurt #hardtimes #Advice

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Uphill battle

Bit of struggle again.

My hearing is going again. The doctor doesn’t seem bothered because it’s not blocked and doesn’t look infected, and said to come back if it continued. It’s already been a month with it and it’s not gone away. Its incredibly frustrating when it goes. Its disorientating. And surely no visible cause is concerning? Especially given I haven’t made it a year post-op yet.

My heartburn and acid reflux have taken a sudden turn for the worse, around 5 years into suffering with it. I was almost constantly taking gaviscon over the last few days after I came back from my holiday, so I booked an urgent appointment because I couldn’t live like it when it was affecting my sleep too. I’ve got a prescription and they want me to have a OGD. I don’t really see why, because it’s genetics.

I also caught covid again. I went out to a concert and that’s all it took. I however kept testing negative from the Tuesday I first was symptomatic, until the Saturday when I finally tested positive. The one time I went out somewhere that had a lot of people. (Disclaimer: I am fully vaccinated, have the booster and I had covid before (another disclaimer: back when the vaccines weren’t around and my entire family were basically key workers)).

Also had a bunch of other minor illnesses and general conditions/ chronic pain I have getting worse. I think it’s gonna be sick girl summer.

#ChronicPain #BackPain #HearingLoss #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Heartburn #AcidReflux #COVID19 #Postop #ill #hardtimes

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Reminders for Hard Days #reminder #hardtimes #OnedayAtaTime #bekindtoyourmind #MentalHealth

Love this! Grow through what you go through is an important mindset to have and just keep reminding yourself you are worth it you deserve to get better you are worth all that hard work to stay healthy and healing is not linear 💖 #growth #Healing #YouGotThis #MentalHealth

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Times are hard sometimes. #hardtimes #Depression #BipolarDisorder

Sometimes I feel so low and anxious I struggle to leave the house. How do I fix myself 😭

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"Times of Trouble" with lyrics - Temple of the Dog- #Depression #SuicidePrevention #Baddays #hardtimes

A good song to listen to it you are feeling hopeless. And feeling so down that hope is(seems) unattainable. Just ride the wave- get thru it. youtu.be/nVkMzwKZbIE

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150 Days - no Income - my experiences #Depression #Bipolar

So it's been 150 days and counting that my business is not operational due to Lockdown for COVID 19. . I've just written a post detailing my troubles and little victories. . Please let me know what fellow mighties think about my story


Look forward to your feedback guys #Depression #Bipolar #hardtimes #Positivity