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Missing Friendship - Can anybody relate?

Feeling a bit lonely today guys, can anyone advise? ❤

Probably like a few of you on here lots of my 'friends' abandoned me 2 1/2 years ago when I got sick.

I tried to stay positive as I had 3 separate girls who I thought were 'keepers' I've been hearing less and less replies from them over the past 6 months.

Yesterday I messaged all 3, and none have replied. I feel even more lonely then before I messaged them.

There's nothing worse than feeling alone, when having friends is something you want.

I don't even know where to find anybody new. I find myself talking too much to anyone now doctors, nurses etc. Just because I don't have anybody else. It hurts.

What is worse is that it's my 'best friends' and my 10 year anniversary since we met this month, we were literally so close this is something we would have celebrated. she doesn't seem interested. She was like my family but seems to have moved on with new friends, as she's moved to another nearby town.

When she does message me im always hearing about a 'friend' when I ask what she's been up to.

Messages used to be often but now it's always 'sorry I didn't realise I didn't reply' or 'sorry I didn't send a reply i typed' or 'I completely forgot to reply' daily now. Where she's obviously messaging others and forgets about me.

I just feel at such a loss. I'm lucky to have an amazing husband but it's not the same as girl time.

Can anybody else relate? Sorry for rant. Happy Sunday everybody lots of love xx

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Coffee mug 8: London Calling #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #PTSD #Hope #Relationships #Travel #England #Fear

Going to London was fulfilment of a childhood dream. There were so many incredible experiences. Visiting Winston Churchill’s bunker, seeing the Crown Jewels, going to the westend to see Les Mis.

One of the most memorable experiences was going on the London eye. I am not fond of heights. It perplexes my Wife no end. She says, “ You took flying lessons but you don’t like heights”. I explain that’s different because I am in control of the plane.

I said I would be fine on the London eye as long as it didn’t break down. It did. For 30 minutes we were stuck, at the very top. It was terrifying. The worst thing was my Wife got bored and started jumping up and down. The other people stuck with us reacted and told her to stop, in no uncertain terms.

Scary situations are not nice. Yet they very rarely become what we fear they will.

What fear is holding you back today?

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Happy St George's Day #StGeorge #morning #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Mighty friends and family Happy St George's Day

St George is the Patron Saint of England.

I liked this pic because it was very cute and seemed cuddly, not grownup at all.
Down with being a grownup Is what I say.👎👎👎👎
It's not A holiday or anything just another day of the week. Not as splashy as St Patrick's day either.
But he did or was suppose to have slayed a Dragon. How Impressive is that!!!!!
Chat and tell me about your day week and your plans. Whats going right or wrong?
Feel free to reply to each other on this thread too
Love n hugs Tj 💜💗💞🤗😁🐉🐲💖💝
#RareDisease #TrigeminalNeuralgia #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #Love #Hugs #checkonyourneighbours #Bekind #Positivity #loveyourselves #Kindness #Chatspace #ChronicIllness #Friends #Family #SaintGeorge #England #lovingsupport

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Struggling. #CheckInWithMe #England #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

Hit a low period. Keep doing things to try and feel better like taking myself to the beautiful place that is St Nectans Glen (pictured) which is a spiritual waterfall near where I live. But even there I struggled to feel better.
My ex-partner, (who I still live with) wants me to work on myself and get myself ‘better’ before being in a relationship but how the fuck do I do that? I’ve been passed from pillar to post between doctors and MH services here in Cornwall. Now I’m on a long waiting list for an Emotional Coping Skills group.
I’m angry, irritable, sad, low and struggling to go to work every day.

It’s an impossible situation.


Hi guys, can anyone help me with an IC related question?

I’ve had IC for around 4 years which started with a 3/4 week flare of frequency and urgency. Since then, it’s had it’s bad weeks but it’s been manageable but 16 days ago a bad flare of urgency and frequency started again like at the start of it ... I’m scared it won’t stop and my entire life has been put on hold and I’m exhausted from no sleep. I’m scared it won’t calm down and go back to being manageable ... does anyone know how long flares of urgency and frequency last?

I hope I’ve posted this right lol (: xx
interstitialcytitus#ic #frequency #urgency #help #flare #UK #urology #England #bladder