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Physically debilitating

#Depression #CPTSD #Anxiety #Chonicillness

I have struggled with my physical health since I was 16 when symptoms of a kidney disease were discovered. I was 25 when I learned I have celiac disease which likely caused the kidney disease. The celiac disease has caused many other stomach and gut complications as well as hormonal. Nearly 10 years ago I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer. I have a syrinx (cyst) in my spinal cord which may or may not cause some of my neurological issues, including hemiplagic migraines. I was recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder and CPTSD (due to 20 year emotionally abusive marriage). My depression manifests very physically, in a way that I had no idea I was suffering from depression because of all these other issues. I recently started a new medication for my nightmares and on the same day learned I have a mass and a lymph node in my right breast that is suspicious. I don't know howuch of my inability to stay awake the past few days is depression and how much of it is the new med. Nearly 30 years of up and down health is exhausting. I'm a relatively happy person and find positives in my life easily. But it is hard to see right now. It feels like I have lost all the ground I recently gained through therapy. So, so tired...

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Who's on #Twitter

Lately I've found Twitter has a great community on it.
I have just as much and sometimes more interaction with fellow #Chonicillness fighters on there than anywhere else.

It can be a very positive and inspirational place to be. You just have to follow the right people.

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Do not give to

<p>Do not give to<br></p>
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Community Voices
Community Voices

Couldn’t agree more!

<p>Couldn’t agree more!</p>
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Community Voices

Not Sleeping, No Support, Up In Pain

Not sleeping, up in pain, tremoring, not support, encouragement, love. I get tired of people bashing me because I won't try this is that, go to my doctor (Speaking For Myself) why??? So, he can load me up with more drugs??? That won't helps.

Anyways, I'm thankful there is an App and people that care and love me, that I can come to

#chronic Pain

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Anyone else out there with multiple autoimmune/health conditions that just keep piling and piling up start to wonder what the point of it all is? To be forced to live out every single day suffering in immeasurable amounts of pain, barely able to take care of yourself anymore, just because others would be sad if you weren’t here anymore. I mean really this really isn’t any type of quality of life anymore and there is no end in sight to the pain. I only get diagnosed with more and more health issues as the years go by. I’m 26 years old and am making a will for Christ’s sake. I guess I’m just wondering if there anyone out there in a similar situation who understands what I’m saying.

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does it get easier?

last night I was in the hospital and I was in so much pain I couldn’t breathe my vision went black and I was overwhelmed by pain I can honestly say I have never been more scared in my life I feel helpless in a hole that just keeps getting deeper #Unknown #RareDiseases #Chonicillness #unbearable #Pain