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When I make mistakes, I hate myself.
When I let people down, I hate myself.
When I’m chosen last, I hate myself.

What is wrong with me?
Why do I have to be a recovering alcoholic?(yrs of sobriety)
Why do I have to be schizo-effective bipolar type?
Am I really sick or just a failure?

Why has God put me here to suffer?
I just bring everybody down!
I do no good, so why am I still here?

How do I go another day?
how do I get through this?
When all the bad thoughts keep creeping in. I feel like there’s to many leaks in my boat.
I’m drowning… I can’t seal these cracks alone, yet, I’m all alone, no one to help.

#allalone #isitdepression #doeslifejustsuck

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I joined a small church plant a few months ago, but I'm ready to quit. Even in this tiny church, I can't find a way to break through their closed community. I have tried to connect, but it isn't happening. They're not bad people or even intentionally exclusive. I just think they have known each other a long time and newcomers are irrelevant. I can't take it. It's one thing to be lonely when I'm alone and quite another when I have to watch the affection and fellowship among those with whom I felt some stake. I just can't... #Isolation #churchfamily #allalone

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I need air hugs!🫂# struggling #allalone #eldestchild#Responsible

I am tired. I am too tired to talk about it, other than to say I hate being the oldest "go-to" person.
I am weary.
Please send hugs to boost my day.
Thank you❣



Why did he say he'd be there when he bounced at my real for real breakdown. How does one get off this runaway train of emotions? #allalone


Outside Looking In

Sitting inside room full of people who are talking, laughing, and living life. I watch them all, like an outsider who is floating above rather than being a part of it. I feel so alone, because they do not understand why I am not joining them. #Depression #allalone

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Hugs Any kind #CheckInWithMe #Hugs

Sending You

Big hugs
Little hugs
Snuggle hugs
Loving hugs
Healing hugs
Comfort hugs
Whatever kind of
Hugs you you need
This should
Have it covered
Especially for you.

I could use a Hug too

Love Tj 💖❤💘😘😘😚😗🥰 #free hugs #loving hugs #snugglehugs #IloveyouHugs #Bekind #Chronicpainwarrior #Insomnia #TrigeminalNeuralgia #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #Arthritis #PsoriaticArthritis #Anxiety #Stayinghome #checkonyourneighbours #lovingkindness #Snoopy #needhugs #shieldinguk #allalone #lovingmyselfagain #selfcare #Kindness


Was it worth it?

I had to break the cycle of abuse. In doing so, I lost my family. #EmotionalAbuse #verbalabuse #allalone


feeling #allalone and #SelfimposedFriendless

lonely, misunderstood, #sadistirering #InNeedof CuddlesSnugglesnHugs #PlatonicHealthyHealingTouch is a need not a want. Studies show babies not held, touched are smaller, weaker and sickly. Nursing Homes see similar affects with elderly with no one who visit. I probably should volunteer again at a nursing home, satisfyingly to help. In giving I receive yet I don’t give to receive. Giving without expectation of anything in return. #Givinganonymouslyisthebestmedicine #Servicetoallwhoaresufferingorinneed

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