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Struggling with my #baseline

I just had a major life change (for the good) yet I am spiralling. I can’t find my baseline emotions, doc put me back on some short term “Pam” med as I call them…
I’m destroying every relationship I have in the process to the point the only messages I get from my partner is a possible good morning or good afternoon. Then silence out of fear. They have their own anxiety/PTSD issues they can’t cope with.
It might sound odd, but I started texting my self. I need SOMEONE to talk to me. Someone to hear how I feel even after I’ve been on an emotionally draining psych call for an hour.

I’m F’d!! Someone tell me how to fix me. I hate my self and every one else around me ATM 😔

I’m sorry.

#OCD #ADHD #Depression #obsessivecompulsivethinking #MentalHealth #SignificantOther #Relationships #borderbaseline #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #Borderline #border #BPDDiagnosis #Anxiety


Being the ER companion to someone with SI

A little over a week ago I drove my boyfriend to the ER at midnight because he was having suicidal ideations. The whole time I was quiet and calm and I smiled at the nurses and said thank you. I held his hand and comforted him and made bad jokes. I was calm and peaceful because he needed me to be. I sat there all night while he slept. By 3pm the next day we were in my home (we don’t live together) so I could monitor him, and he was asleep again. I however, was exhausted and sleep deprived and my anxiety was ramping up. He was asleep and safe and had a treatment plan. And just like that I didn’t need to be calm for him so I was not. By that night I was so anxious that I spent nearly two hours getting in and out of bed fighting off anxiety attacks. I was panicking about his safety and he was right there next to me, asleep. He is in PHP now and doing much better. Yet, when I don’t hear from him for awhile - my mind goes straight back to the way I felt when he told the nurses he had a plan. In seconds, I’m hearing it all again, but now I don’t have the adrenaline of being leaned on — so I just disintegrate. It feels so selfish to react like that when he is the one who needed help. I did not go through the trauma, he did. And he is fine so I should be too,right? Not to mention I have no idea how to support him besides smiling and listening.
Anyone with similar experiences please chime in. #si #SignificantOther #SuicidalThoughts #Support #ER #Relationships #Trauma #AnxietyAttack #Anxiety

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Opening up

I’ve been going to therapy on and off for a year now. I started last year with one therapist and stopped going for a few months- I wasn’t sure what to really expect from going to therapy or what I was expecting therapy to really be like- after about 4 months of not going to therapy I decided to find a new therapist. The common error that I’m finding is, not being able to open up and really dig deep. I’m afraid to tell my therapists everything... I worry that I would be judged or seen as a mess. She recommended that I see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for antidepressants but I was too afraid to go..

Now I know that everyone goes through their own stuff and that therapists have heard just about everything but for some reason I’m terrified of opening up. I can’t do it with my friends and certainly not my family members- I’m afraid to really let anyone to deep into my personal life.

Just recently I took the leap and decided to go through with a job transfer all the way across the country. Thankfully my significant other lives there so I won’t be completely alone. But whenever I get asked why so far, or what am I doing, I get anxious. I know that I don’t owe anyone an explanation, but being questioned makes me uncomfortable.

With me dealing with my depression, and my boyfriend dealing with his anxiety, things can become different at times, and currently being in a long distance relationship makes things hard but the fight to make things work between us both before the move has been a roller coaster for us both. I sometimes I worry that things may not work out, that we may not be able to understand each other later on down the road..

The closer I’m getting to the day I’m supposed to officially move away, the more depressed I am getting about leaving everyone. I’ve communicated this to my therapist but I feel like there is so much left unsaid. I’m not sure if I should stick with the therapist I have right now or not... I feel like this move means everything has to be a fresh start..

I hope it all works out but this feeling of depression is making me feel like I can’t ever leave these four bedroom walls... like I can’t ever leave this bed. #Openingup #Depression #Therapy #Therapist #Antidepressants #Fear #help #SignificantOther #Relationships #Love #LongDistanceRelationship


Anxiety & Significant Others?

I suffer from both anxiety and depression, pretty sure my anxiety fuels my depression. I have more physical symptoms of nausea, vomiting, hot flashes but most GI upset symptoms. This makes it very hard for me to travel. Distances as short as 1 hour are even hard for me. I have been in a relationship for nearly 3 years. My significant other was aware of my anxiety before we had started dating but I don’t think they realized how bad it truly is. I have started trying to go places over the past year and a half that I would have never done before. However as much as I appreciate my significant other trying to push me to do things I want to do, sometimes somethings just aren’t ready to be done. I’ve tried explaining that certain things take more time for me or certain things are harder for me. Almost every time my significant other wants me to go somewhere out of my comfort zone, I try my best. But when it’s something that I know that I am not ready for it starts an argument, that I am not pushing myself hard enough, I am not trying hard enough, or that I am holding them back... I have never told them that they can not go somewhere without me. I encourage them to do everything they want to do, even if it’s something that I can’t do with them. But how do you make someone understand ? How do you make them understand that you are trying your hardest? You push yourself everyday? That just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean you are trying to hold them back ? I’m just tired of the arguing. It’s gotten to a point where I dread the conversation of potentially trying to go anywhere because I am afraid of their disappointment in me, or me being an inconvenience or being accused of being “selfish” ? How do others help their significant others deal with being in a relationship with someone who has different limitations ?? How do you set boundaries without making them feel like you don’t care about their feelings? How do you explain that you aren’t trying to be selfish? #Anxiety #Livingwithanxiety #SignificantOther #CopingWithAnxiety #Understanding #boundaries #lost


How do you help your significant other that has completely shut down and doesn’t want to talk to anyone including their family and friends? #Anxiety #Overwhelming #Isolation #SignificantOther

I’m not sure how much Time they are going to need or what i can do to help. They asked for space and i gave it to them but I feel like it might be a while before I hear from them.


Am I pathetic for missing him so much?? #Depression #SignificantOther #Pathetic c #Weak #confused

I have been dating a really wonderful guy for about 4 months now. We met in college and got to see each other almost every day. We are lucky and both realized what a luxury it was. But now school is out and we're both away-- he is staying an hour away from me for a month then going home (4.5 hours away). I have been lucky enough to get to see him on the weekends but I still miss him so much that I feel like I can't possibly make it to the next weekend without him and my depression has been worse than it has been since I met him. (So bad Im worried Ill scare him off even though he understands).