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    im feeling really hopeless and on the edge. im not sure who to reach out to. I need to reach out and talk to someone. #Anxiety #Depression #needafriend

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    I am struggling with my mental illness.
    I keep thinking I have a handle on it but it’s just being manic if that makes sense.
    I was diagnosed with BPD,NPD, CPTSD, anxiety/panic disorder, anorexia/bulimia, severe depression, adjustment disorder.
    I also have an addictive personality so I do smoke and have been drinking more than normal.
    I feel out of sorts, like I can’t handle things like I used to. I guess you could say I feel more broken than normal. I don’t socialize anymore, the friend group I once had dropped me. I miss having someone to talk to and honestly it makes me sad. My husband and I have gotten better but things sometimes get bad and I feel out of control. I’m not entirely sure what this group is about but I’m just looking for support and seeing if anyone else is dealing with the same as I am. I hold no judgment to anyone so I hope to get the same in return. #BPD #npd #Anxiety #Depression #needafriend #struggling

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    Community Voices

    I need a friend. Am I blowing this out of proportion? #needadvice #needafriend #

    This is the situation. I realize that I may have made a mistake during a vulnerable time for me. I have no relationship with my millennial daughter, an only child, for nearly a decade. With my ill health, I am naturally worried for f&f over COVID. I saw a great video on cleaning & disenfecting from Melissa Maker and started sharing it. I shared it w/ her sharing that I hope she is well. I am stunned by her response. ‘All is well, just got back from vacation w/ Nana and btw we now have 2dogs.’ No question or display of concern for me or my health. As though we just spoke yesterday. As she shares photos of vacation and her dogs, I txt a short msg ending with God bless us everyone b/c I needed her to stop sharing.

    I am a breast cancer survivor. Having just had a painful procedure on Monday after asking dr if it could be delayed due to virus - so, yes I am emotionally drained.

    After trying to reach my therapist- no luck- I am reaching out to you in this safe space and community. I am in tears. I am trying to get a grip but am struggling. your suggestions please?

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    Needing someone to talk to. I have this feeling of loneliness I don’t understand.

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    I smile to hide my tears

    <p>I smile to hide my tears</p>
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