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    Finding a new normal while waiting for diagnosis #ChronicIlless #newnormal #CopingTips

    I've been "different" since January and waiting for a diagnosis on why I'm unwell. I finally accepted my new normal and am trying to restart/refresh my life while waiting for answers. Looking for tips on how to get back into life after a big change in health. How do you stay motivated? How do you improve focus? How do you take care of yourself emotionally? Looking for any advice. The biggest issues I have right now are brain fog and fatigue. (I need to do computer work for an internship at most).

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    Give it time

    <p>Give it time</p>
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    Are you afraid?

    <p>Are you afraid?</p>
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    Happy Valentines Day

    <p>Happy Valentines Day</p>
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    Hi, I know that with all of the stressful things going on lately ‘normal’ isn’t what it use to be. Recently these nasty brain spasms have started. I’ve never delt with these previously. I haven’t stopped, changed or stopped taking my medications. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    How do you cope with family constantly asking when you'll be back to normal?

    <p>How do you cope with family constantly asking when you'll be back to normal?</p>
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    Iron Deficiency

    It’s crazy to think just how much life can change in a year.
    A year ago I almost died from internal bleeding
    A year ago I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia
    Is year ago my hemoglobin was at and I had to get 2 blood transfusions

    Fast forward - they’ve had me in iron supplements 3x a day for the past year and my levels haven’t changed. My body isn’t absorbing the iron like it’s supposed to. Most people say to take on an empty stomach but I can’t!! I would be nauseous literally all day and it’s the worst feeling ever. I try to eat a snack before hand. With my vitamin c too!

    They ordered iron transfusions and so far I’ve had two sets done and get the bloodwork done in 2 weeks.

    I really want this to be able to work!!! I’m tired of being so tired and fatigued. With my iron, my ferretin (not sure in spelling) was less than 8. I also have a blood issue so my doctors are hoping if my iron goes up then my body will make blood again . I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL 😭😖😣

    #iron #Anemia #IronDeficiencyAnemia #IronDeficiency #newnormal

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    James 4:13-15

    Life inside
    Grasp new reality
    Not in control

    Funny how this is felt as a new reality when one can find scripture expressing the fact that humans only think they are in control yet God’s loving hand shows them we all are discussing the #newnormal yet we’ve never been in control...for me, this #newnormal is a reminder to give God the glory and to stop #whiteknuckling the day God has gifted me....if #god’swill allows us to sit inside then we get to if #god’swill allows us to work then we shall....#Godislove and what the globe is enduring is a form of His love...................

    #MightyPoets #COVID19 #solitude #goodnews

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    COVID-19: What else is normal now—Groceries

    <p><a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5e678dcff3e6f44cb2d93fd4" data-name="COVID-19" title="COVID-19" target="_blank">COVID-19</a>: What else is normal now—Groceries</p>
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