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My New Idea Of A Good Time

Did you know that Otis Redding missed the 27 Club by just one year? Janis Joplin openly admitted to being inspired by him (and countless others I’m sure!). Janis supposedly changed her singing style after they sang together at Monterrey Festival. Yes, I am a bit of a hippy slash music trivia nerd 🤓

Anyway I love this song and cannot help but think of it when I see this picture. This was my first post hospital outing about a week ago. Who knew simply sitting on a bench, just sipping a cup of tea, could feel like such a luxury… pure bliss after 8 weeks of confinement.

Original lyrics by Otis Redding

Altered to be fall / autumn appropriate 🍂

Sittin' in the mornin' sun

I'll be sittin' when the afternoon comes

Watching the leaves roll by

Then I watch 'em blow away again, yeah

I'm sittin' on the slats of the bench

Watchin' the time roll away, ooh

I'm just sittin' on this wooden bench

Soakin’ up time

Left my home with my dogs and partner

Headed for the Cotswold border

'Cause I've had nothin' lately to live for

It look like nothin's gonna come my way

So I'm just gon' sit on the slats of this bench

Watchin' the leaves roll away, ooh

I'm sittin' watchin autumn’s alter, wastin' time

Look like nothin's gonna change

Everything still remains the same

Ten doctors couldn’t tell me what to do

So I guess I'll remain the same, yes

Sittin' here restin' my tired bones

And this loneliness won't leave me alone,

Two thousand medical miles, I’ve roamed

Just to make this perch my home

Now I'm just gon' sit, on this wooden bench

Watchin' the leaves roll on by, ooh yeah

Sittin' on the slats of the bench

Enjoyin’ time

#Music #musicislife #MusicIsSavingMyLife #Poetry #poetrytherapy #Nature #MentalHealth #Depression #Disability #Hypothyroidism #mycotoxins #newnormal #MyCondition #Trying #thisismetrying

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The Doldrums - Depression or Medication?

I've been on a new-to-me medication, Seroquel, for the last several months after a spring of psychosis and manic episodes. I am out of the mania and psychosis and have seen my paranoia slowly improve over the months but in its place my depression has returned.

Yes - depression is part of the whole bipolar thing, but I can't shake the feeling that my new medication is contributing to some of the things I'm experiencing right now.

I have such a hard time getting out of bed and could sleep for hours and hours. This seems to be the hardest thing for me - I know that I do best with a consistent morning routine and time to center into myself and prepare for the day. My inability to wake up makes this near impossible and I find myself running to work with minutes to spare or showing up late often.

I am still learning what my depression looks and feels like. What they need from me and what they're trying to tell me. I am still learning to accept myself and the ebbs and flows of my mental health - there's this part of me that wants to fight so hard for this semblance of "normal" that they think still exists - fighting to get back to some person who just doesn't exist anymore.

My experiences with my mental health are part of my story - they aren't things I want to throw away or shove down. I want to learn from where I've been and ride with the waves of my experience. I am not broken, I''m learning. May I continue learning about myself and continue to get more comfortable sharing my story <3 #Bipolar #Bipolar1 #Recovery #newnormal #BipolarDepression #Healing


Finding a new normal while waiting for diagnosis #ChronicIlless #newnormal #CopingTips

I've been "different" since January and waiting for a diagnosis on why I'm unwell. I finally accepted my new normal and am trying to restart/refresh my life while waiting for answers. Looking for tips on how to get back into life after a big change in health. How do you stay motivated? How do you improve focus? How do you take care of yourself emotionally? Looking for any advice. The biggest issues I have right now are brain fog and fatigue. (I need to do computer work for an internship at most).

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Give it time

Some people act like/tell me they love me.. but they really don’t. I feel they only love the idea of me or what I can offer them.. otherwise they’d act like they love me even when they don’t want something… am I crazy for thinking that? Why do I get that vibe?

Every time someone says they love me, I just say… give it time.

#Anxiety #Goodenough #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ChronicMigraines #unwell #Music #Therapy #Love #afraid #Worried #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Fibromyalgia #ilovethissong #newnormal #painandprayers

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Are you afraid?

Are you afraid that everything that has happened so far in your life isn’t what you will continue to be like/do? Are you afraid of falling in love? Are you afraid of living more than one person? Are you afraid of living? Are you afraid to speak your mind? Are you afraid of anything?

#afraid #Anxiety #Fear #Goodenough #Music #ChronicIllness #ChronicMigraines #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Fibromyalgia #Medicine #Hormones #warrior #newnormal


#CheckInWithMe #spasm #newnormal

Hi, I know that with all of the stressful things going on lately ‘normal’ isn’t what it use to be. Recently these nasty brain spasms have started. I’ve never delt with these previously. I haven’t stopped, changed or stopped taking my medications. Has this happened to anyone else?

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How do you cope with family constantly asking when you'll be back to normal?

I used to be a runner but now I have chronic pain and I'm struggling to find value in my new limited abilities. I've explained this to my in laws several times but they forget on a regular basis and ask if I'm going out running again. Last time they did it sparked a major fight. They insist they're just being supportive and I should be grateful to have people chearing me on. It's making me feel worse about my limited abilities and I feel ignored. Anyone else have family that refuses to accept their pain?

#nervepain #Family #Disability #loveyourself #newnormal


Iron Deficiency

It’s crazy to think just how much life can change in a year.
A year ago I almost died from internal bleeding
A year ago I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia
Is year ago my hemoglobin was at and I had to get 2 blood transfusions

Fast forward - they’ve had me in iron supplements 3x a day for the past year and my levels haven’t changed. My body isn’t absorbing the iron like it’s supposed to. Most people say to take on an empty stomach but I can’t!! I would be nauseous literally all day and it’s the worst feeling ever. I try to eat a snack before hand. With my vitamin c too!

They ordered iron transfusions and so far I’ve had two sets done and get the bloodwork done in 2 weeks.

I really want this to be able to work!!! I’m tired of being so tired and fatigued. With my iron, my ferretin (not sure in spelling) was less than 8. I also have a blood issue so my doctors are hoping if my iron goes up then my body will make blood again . I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL 😭😖😣

#iron #Anemia #IronDeficiencyAnemia #IronDeficiency #newnormal


James 4:13-15

Life inside
Grasp new reality
Not in control

Funny how this is felt as a new reality when one can find scripture expressing the fact that humans only think they are in control yet God’s loving hand shows them we all are discussing the #newnormal yet we’ve never been in control...for me, this #newnormal is a reminder to give God the glory and to stop #whiteknuckling the day God has gifted me....if #god’swill allows us to sit inside then we get to if #god’swill allows us to work then we shall....#Godislove and what the globe is enduring is a form of His love...................

#MightyPoets #COVID19 #solitude #goodnews