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Needing some understanding of whats going on. #Depression #talkingaboutit

Just wondering if anyone would share story of encouragement. My story is massive depression where I have shut down and find it extremely hard to talk. My closest of friends and husband have been trying so hard and encourage me to talk. Last night I finally mentioned to my amazing husband that I feel I don’t want to live. This obviously was a huge shock he didn’t realise i feel in such a dark place. He is concerned but not very comforting, I thought he would lean over and grab me and tell me how much he loves me and he would never want that to happen and how much I must be hurting but he more just drilled me for questions why i feel like it. Turned around and said im sorry for being a bad husband and such a horrible person, when none of that is true i adore this man. Its me amd my unexplainable thoughts. So anyone else have similar experience? Is this just his shock and not knowing himself what to do? Am I expecting to much from wanting a certain reaction? #Depression #Insecure #lost

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Hello Everyone #CheckInWithMe #Chatspace #Family

Hiya 🖐 Family n Friends

How are you all

Sorry I've not been here for a while. Having slight problems with Migraines with Aura, causing visions problems.

Hard to see with 😎 on 😅 as they not my reading glasses. Must phone up my opticians and see if they can make me a pair of sunnies with reading bits in. I'm sure they can without me actually going in to the store!!!
We will see ha ha

Enough about me. How are you .
Hello to all the new Members of ChatSpace 🖐 hiya and welcome.
Glad you come to our little corner of the Mighty, and joined our family.

So feel free to comment and reply to each other. We are the best of the very best at that here on the Mighty.
Helping each other out is what we do here.

Make your own posts if you are up for that too. If not you can always comment on one of my posts.
I always go through the comments .

So tell me what what's.

Love hugs as always and forever Tj. 😎🖐😘🤗❤💚🧡🦓🎈🐱🐶🐾💪🌞🐕😼🌞 #Family #Friends #Chatties #Vent #rant #Talk #talkingaboutit #Love #Hugs #Positivity #Anxiety #Chatspace #talkingtherapy #CheerMeOn #MightyTogether #NeverAlone

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I'm back Chatties #Chatspace

Hello guys

I may have turned into a giant bunny!!!

But I am back yayyyy

Finally the tech team have me on a App that is working. Thankyou so so so much. Thankyou to Hayley too 😘

So how much did you miss me ??
Because I sure did miss you guys.

I've been so lonely with out you.
My 4 walls have been getting closer in everyday.

Lucky I could talk to Cheryl through the leader group on Fb and Hayley.

My anxiety has been quite high 🚀 or maybe that was the video call. Eek scary stuff . Ha ha
Me and technology are useless
He he
And on Friday I have a video call with a hospital consultant too . 😨🥶😱

I'll have freaked out by then 🤪🙃😅🤯

So fill me in with what I have missed with you all.
What have you been up too.

Please remember ChatSpace
IS not suppose to be about Health.
Its about anything other than health. That's a whole lot of subjects. Chatting talking venting ranting getting to know people. Getting stuff off your mind etc.

Love n hugs Tj
#tjisback #Chatspace #Chatties #Talking #talkingaboutit #LoveNhug

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World Mental Health Awareness Week #Kindness

World Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off tomorrow!

Running from the 18th-24th May,
This year's theme is kindness. Whether it's helping the vulnerable, showing support to our keyworkers or reaching out to friends and family, kindness is needed now more than ever. Everyone's mental health is different.

Especially in the global crisis we are in. Everyone is affected in some way by mental health. Some may never have been touched by it before.

Reach out this week as you all do already with Kindness.
With Love
With Compassion
With no judgement
Show the world how Mighty we are.
With love to all my Fellow Mighty Warriors Tj 😘
#Worldmentalhealthawarenessweek #May18th -24th #Kindness #Love #compassion #nojudgement #Hugs #Family #Friends #Keyworkers #MentalHealth #Bekind #Selflove #Awareness #Anxiety #reachout #NoStigma #talkingaboutit


I’m seeing posts about #Marriage #Depression #talkingaboutit

Should I be waiting a long time to reveal my true self? I’m seeing all these married couples opening up for the first time post vows. I’m 38 and never married. Is this because I’m opening up too soon? I don’t hide that I take anti depressants or have been in therapy for anxiety, depression, and ADHD.


An update on my thyroid scans...

Last week, you saw me update my thoughts daily regarding my scan to check for any reoccurrence of #ThyroidCancer .

And I have good news! All clear!!

This set of tests was particularly stressful this year because I actually got the all clear a few months ago, but a different doctor (my specialist) saw the ultrasound and felt it needed the more intensive test as she saw some larger spots in my neck. That could have meant a few things, one of those being I may have been fighting a cold or infection and my lymph nodes inflamed, or I was growing another tumor.

Fortunately, we now believe it was the first as there is no evidence of disease anywhere in my body.

I am so thankful to be alive and well today. And that's what matters.

#talkingaboutit #Cancer #livingwithcancer #cancerrecovery