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    Smile an everlasting smile

    Trying to keep mind busy and distracted from the pain and just couldnt stop laughing at my cat who really wanted to join #smile #behappy #wecandothis #Fibromyaliga


    #PERSISTENT #PTSD #wononetoday #feelinghappy #Update

    I wanted to let everyone who read my sad and pitiful post a few weeks ago... That I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel today.

    After 3 weeks of battling with insurance companies,
    People who did not want to listen and would just turn me away, I finally have hope tonight.
    I am going to treatment !


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    Your pain is your strength, you are so much more than you give yourself credit for. Hold on, because you have come this far,and you never know when your #nopainland might arrive💙
    Best wishes
    #ChronicPain #chronicmigraine

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    Favourite trees. This was taken before our lockdown. I'm looking forward to more beauty and sunshine after this my friends #Nature #wecandothis

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    #iamstrong #wecandothis #Depressionwontwin #MentalIllness

    I had a really crappy day, 5 days after getting married to my soulmate and my rock. This darkness won’t win. I will be strong and conquer. I am a family man. I am me.

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    Honoring my body even when I don’t want to.

    I overslept this morning, as usual I wasn’t able to turn off my brain last night till about 3. Normally I would wallow in the fact that I already messed up my morning and decide to make my day one tomorrow, but I’m instead trying to allow it and just continue on. I feel zero hunger (especially without smoking) but I’m going to try and feed myself anyway. I’ve been reading a lot about celery juice and how it helps with inflammation and a bunch of health issues so I’m going to try and incorporate that in my mornings on an empty stomach when I can. Along with a blueberry banana peanut butter smoothie and a big glass of water.

    I’m also starting my day with some journaling and a few affirmations (which I still feel so silly saying when I don’t necessarily believe it). This week my affirmations are going to be very simple-

    I honor my body even when I don’t want to
    I am worthy of love (or I’m worth it). This second one is going to also function as a counteractive statement to my continuous thoughts of “what’s the point”. What’s the point? Because I’m worth it. Again, I don’t really feel that way right now but the point is try and change that right?

    Anyway I know this can seem like a lot, I definitely don’t have as much trouble with my day ones as I do with the following days, and often times I overcommit myself which almost set up those following days for failure. But the goal is progress not perfection and one step and one day at a time. It feels nice having a place to write all this and I’m really hoping that by doing this I’m able to not only keep myself accountable, but also help others to do the same and reach some of their goals on their self-love journey.

    Feel free to share any thoughts, have a great day everyone! #Depression #Anxiety #Selfcare #DayOne #Selflike #wecandothis #Support