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Health is Wealth

Health is indeed wealth. It is the foundation of a fulfilling and prosperous life. When we prioritize our well-being, we invest in our physical, mental, and emotional resilience. Good health enables us to pursue our goals, enjoy relationships, and embrace life's opportunities. Without it, material wealth loses its value. So let us cherish and safeguard our health, for it is the greatest treasure we possess.#Health #Gym #Game #Food


× " Ms. MIGHTY POET Is Getting A Bit Older Ha Ha.. ×" #MyBrithdayIsInAFewDay 's..

× " Ugh... Getting Older And Wiser I Guess But You All Still Would Rather Have Me Here... To Be Honest With You All... I Don't Really Like Celebrating My Brithday At All... It's A Waste Of Money To Me... And Time Tbh... I'm Only Turning 38 Onetime... Even Though I Look Like I'm Litterly 25 Year's Old.... Well Here's A Huge Challenge For You All... Write Me Brithday Poetry... " × Oh My Brithday Is On Saturday FYI.. Have Fun With This Challenge...#Game On Peep's.. " × ☆▪︎S.K.▪︎☆

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What animal would you be in another life? Or your spirit animal?

I kinda feel like if I died and got reincarnated as a animal I’d probably look like this horse Lmfaooo #Game #animal #spiritanimal

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#crutches #embrace #Selfacceptance #coffee #ChronicFatigue

I make no apologies for my crutches I use to help my #ChronicPain , #Depression & #Fatigue . in fact I embrace them & am very grateful for them. #Caffeine #cigarettes #vitaminb-12 (I'd smoke #MedicalMarijuana ( was approved. over a year ago in April & even have a card ) but #THC messes with my #Schizophrenia & I get tense , intense, #stressed & #anxious , & sometimes even slightly #Paranoid . So I suffer taking meds for #Pain that are actually psyche #meds that hardly make a dent. (#Gabapentin ) #my Life #sucks so the ppl that #criticize & put me #down for smoking cigs can go to heck for voicing their #ignorant #Judgemental #opinions . which they so freely #Voice regarding my smoking & high #Caffeine intake. I am not afraid of #Death & in fact , welcome & #Pray for it, have felt this way all my life. Ppl need to face their own #Demons , faults & weaknesses instead of constantly distracting themselves by getting into other ppls business. I #ignore them . I am #Deaf to their assinine stayements. I #mentally float away & I do what #helps my #Nerves (I inherited bad nerves (#physical AND #emotional ) & that helps me cope with a #Life I #live as a #Prisoner doing time. It's just a waiting #Game , Just A matter of #time .



My faith and anxiety

#Christian # ##Faith #Depression #chronic illness dependance #Game addiction #Relationships #Marriage #selfishness # #Family #Death

I've always been able to relax and calmly meditate on scripture from time to time, but my pain and fatigue have become so overpowering that so many things I used to take joy in, I still know all the ways I did before and yet I can't stop being troubled and fearful. God's word to us offers encouragement to us, and tells us to not be anxious, and somehow knowing that doesn't help. I see what has been done for us, we were made with great love cell by cell, how come I believe this and know that all has been done for us is amazing and something to rejoice, that one day thanks to Jesus's sacrifice all who believed will be in eternity with him, free of suffering. why do I believe, yet still feel so detached and uphappy? I also know all about resisting the enemies of God because they will make it hard for you, and as a brave child of the king they would flee from me when I trust in my father. yet I'm still so fearful.
i don't want to give up my life here yet because I fear there are things I'm not doing right that I want to do first, I'm trying so hard to make a difference in eternity by reaching others, but my physical health leaves me so dependent and not feeling very dependable. and as much as I want to rejoice in the blessing of having others to depend on, I struggle with it feeling like a curse, because I'm just so helpless. I beg that I can feel for others rather than all this detachment, but I get so self consumed and it's just so difficult, I want to be content and living as God wills, acknowledging him in all my ways and trusting him. I'm missing my childlike faith, and I just feel so mixed up. I've started on counciling and am pursuing treatments but the progress is slow and there is some incompetence with the doctor's I have worked with that makes the process slower and more frustrating. I've become somewhat fearful of moving because of my pain levels, it's all a huge mess to untangle.