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Omg I woke up around 130 am
To my Pandora radio creepily turned on and playing the Adele song I won’t go. It was anniversary of my cousins passing I’m

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Just had a ghostly experience tbe rock from my cousins memorial service in 2016 appeared in my jeans mini skirt out of nowhere tonight haven’t seen

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Ouija board

Is anyone here interested or curious of spirits? How many actually believe? Have you ever messed with an ouija board before? I have this longing curiosity of the other side and often have dreams of spirits. It started when I was 15, me and my best friend would do it every night until the terror started stacking up. Part of me never really believed it was actually working or any of it was real. But there are no coincidences, only fate. Let me know what you think, all opinions welcome 👍 #Spirits #Ouija board #ghosts

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