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Sadness sucks #Depression #DepressionSigns

I feel sad to go home if that's what you call a home's a house full of people I don't feel wanted by ..only my husband gets me I want to leave just have no where to go but I feel my mental health taking over ...


Young, Numb, and Broke

Sometimes I feel like a failure because I’m constantly comparing myself to those more successful. It’s like I have this goal in mind, my dream career, but my fear of failing keeps me from acting on it. Because of this, I go numb. There are other things in my life exasperating this, like a recent break up, having to move back home because I couldn’t afford to live in the city on my own.

This numbness is so debilitating. Like I have a head on my shoulders that’s as empty as can be. I don’t feel anything, I shut down, I push people away, and I sit here trying to force myself to feel something again, to be able to think without a dreadful black cloud blocking out my thoughts.

Then I realize, I’m my own worst enemy. For as long as I allow myself to feel this way, I’m only hindering myself. But how do I beat it? #numbness #DepressionSigns

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Am I lazy or is my depression back?

I am bi polar and lately I feel like depression is setting in again. It usually starts with effecting my energy level followed by guilt for feeling lazy. I get out of bed and take care of what I need to do but it’s just not feeling like enough. I’m not feeling like enough. I guess I’m looking for anyone who understands what I’m going through or any words of encouragement. #DepressionSigns #BipolarDepression #depressionsucks

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Going out

I’ve had plans for the past week to go out, I had to talk myself into it. I go and then I immediately feel out of place and that I don’t belong. So shortly after dinner I “didn’t feel well” and left. I left before the band we went to see even started. Why am I like this I just find no joy in being out and all I wanted was to be home with my dog. #SocialInteraction #SocialAnxiety #DepressionSigns