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Tengo que despotricar!!

Aviso: Abuse de niños y violencia sexual

Era abusada por tantos años de mi juventud. Mis familiares me abusaron. Dije algo sobre eso y ahora me odian. No lo puedo entender! Creí que me tenía que cuidar. Me tenía que proteger.
Ahora, no tengo una relación ni comunicación. Ha sido tres años después el anuncio del abuso. Los días de los padres son muy difíciles para mi porque tengo sentimientos malos hacia ellos pero hay parte de mi que los quiero. No entiendo mis sentimientos. Yo debería enojada a ellos? A veces si, otras veces no. Extraño todo lo que quise.
La violencia sexual me ha confundido sexualmente. A veces yo creo que soy lesbiana y otras veces yo creo que yo no soy. Es normal sentirse? Mi novio me ha dicho es porque de la violencia. Gracias por escucharme.

Salud! #Spanish #rant #PTSD #SexualAssualtSurvivors #emotionalabusesurvivor #BipolarDisorder


Trauma Narrative

TW: Sexual abuse, assault and suicide attempts.

Hi. I’m kinda new to this group but I’m hoping it will help me process what I’ve been through. I am a survivor of incest. I was abused throughout my childhood into my adulthood. I can’t really come to terms with it. It makes me feel tainted, disgusted. I struggle with what’s “normal” versus what’s not. I have rape fantasies where it’s happening to me or someone else. It makes me feel horrible. I attempted suicide twice because I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m hoping that by sharing bits and pieces of my story that I can slowly come to terms with it. Thanks for listening.

#PTSD #ChildAbuse #SexualAssualtSurvivors #BipolarDisorder #Incest


Sharing Your Trauma Narrative

Hi all. As a trauma survivor, I’ve always wondered how to share my trauma narrative. I feel like my over sharing freaks people out because it’s intense and a lot to handle. How do I go about it?

#PTSD #Incestsurvior #SexualAssualtSurvivors #SexualAbuseSurvivor
#EmotionalAbuse #ChildAbuse #Trauma #BipolarDisorder #traumanarrative



Some people don’t seem to understand triggers. I feel like I have to explain myself to people about what they are and how the affect me. I feel guilty for having triggers sometimes because they can hurt peoples feelings. I flinch or back away if someone gets too close because I was sexually assaulted. It makes that person feel bad, like they did something wrong. I get frustrated trying to explain it to them. It’s not something I have control over. It’s not something I can just shut off like a switch. I wish I could. I wish I didn’t react a certain way to certain things but when people feel bad, it makes me feel bad. I am overwhelmed with guilt, I hate hurting people. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty for having triggers and people should respect them, but I’m still overwhelmed with guilt. #SexualAssualtSurvivors #ChildAbuse #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #Trauma #Guilt #Relationships