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I thought this photo matched the quote perfectly! Am I the only one who constantly is misunderstood and just gave up explaining myself. The down side of that I feel, is it silences your voice because of always being misunderstood why speak up? Why have an opinion? Why put yourself out there to try new things? #misundersood



It’s like I’m not allowed to get angry! I hate a lot of the things people do to me and yet when I try to stand up for myself and say that I didn’t like it, and enforce boundaries, I’m always made to feel that I’m wrong for feeling the way I do and I’m “selfish”. I hate when people point out things about my body or tease me about something I’m insecure about, and they just go “well, it’s the truth!” as an excuse for saying things. It should be common sense to just not do that! I honestly also don’t like things that typically aren’t “bad” but I just personally hate, like being called “cute” because I find it patronizing, basically, no matter what the intention was of the person saying it. You can tell me all you want about it being a good thing or what not, that’s actually just going to make me feel worse and I’m always going to hate it and I hate that I have to argue with people when I say I don’t like something. I’m so sick of hearing “you need to have an open mind!” Or “it’s just a joke! Have a sense of humor!” Or “you’re too sensitive” or “it’s a compliment! There’s nothing wrong with it!” They always try to turn it on me and make me in the wrong for my feelings! I’m sure there are other people who feel the same as I do, but my whole life I’ve just been surrounded by the type of people who are inconsiderate, like to invalidate, gaslight, etc., even my parents do this, so I’ve been conditioned to feel I’m in the wrong even though I don’t want to be wrong about my feelings, and I can’t help but even play devil’s advocate with myself and tell myself I’m wrong, and I hate that I do this to myself! It just makes me feel that I’ll never feel heard or that my feelings will never be respected, I’ll always be wrong for how I react to things or how I feel about things, I can never open up to anyone no matter how much I’m suffering inside. #Depression #Insecure #Selfimage #Selfesteem #invalidation #boundaries #Gaslighting #manipulation #misundersood #disrespect #EmotionalAbuse


I have no idea

Hey guys. I'm new here, so I have no idea if I'm doing this right. Also, my native language isn't english. So I'm sorry for all the spelling mistakes I make.
I recently found out I'm a hsp. Now I understand so much more of everything. About myself, my life and how I act in relationships. I always feel misunderstood. People always tell me "ah I understand". But I just feel that they don't. I'm seeing a therapist who is helping me to think more positive, to help me see my worth. Last monday she told me, "I've done some research about hsp, and now I finally understand everything you always said". It kinda hurts that she always said that she understood me, but now admits she actually didn't. I've a boyfriend. And honestly he is the best. I absolutely love and adore him. He is everything I ever dreamed of and my mind is just blown he choose me. I often push him away because I think I don't deserve him. But even with him I think he doesn't get me. I'm struggling with that so much. And I have no idea if that is just a hsp thing. In my head, it is so wrong that I can feel alone as if I have absolutely no one. That I can feel as if nobody understands me, while I have him. If I need him, I only have to send the shortest message and he is there for me. Why do I know that I am not alone, but still feel so alone? Honestly, I haven't figured out this whole hsp thing yet. And I try so hard to be positive. I don't want to complain. I want to be happy. Yesterday I had a big test at school and I passed and I haven't felt anything that looked like joy since I knew I passed that test. Recently I feel like I'm too much to handle. Like I'm always a lot. That people are better of without me. Is anyone out here, who can help me to think more positive? Who can help me accept the love my boyfriend gives me? Anyone who can help me in everything I feel? Anyone out here who knows what exactly I can do to change everything? And I'm so sorry for al this complaining. And I'm sorry if what I'm doing right here is wrong. I'm praying #Highly Sensitive Person or HSP #Depression #Anxiety #misundersood #Relationships #Boyfriend



I'm starting to struggle. Again. And really that needs clarification because I'm always struggling some way, to some degree. I've been manic coming down to a hypomanic state. I KNOW I'm about to crash hard. With everything going on in the world exacerbating everything. Absolutely everything. I started back to work last week since covid and the resentment from coworkers who weren't laid is real. It's not my fault I was furloughed. It's not my fault I had to apply for unemployment and got more money than I did working. And we almost starved waiting. I'm just so sick of the world. #Bipolar1Disorder #misundersood #struggling

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#misundersood #Depression #Anxiety# alone #Loneliness #BPD

What do women really want? they say they want a nice guy, I was a nice guy, but nice guys finish last. I treat women with respect, compassion, and understanding. sometimes I make mistakes, I’m not perfect, and I say or do the wrong things. everyone tells me to be yourself, but I am misunderstood, because I am a broken man, damaged goods. I don’t want a hookup I’m to old for that. Just looking for someone who will love me for me.

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#misundersood#Depression #alone#Loneliness#Anxiety #SocialAnxiety

I do understand that women have been hurt because of a broken heart. I understand that there’s a lot of men that just want a hookup and men lie about their intentions. So women apprehensive about who really wants a real relationship, true love. but there are men who respect women and care about their happiness. I have always been the nice guy. But nice guys finish last, the women that I have been interested in and wanted a relationship with say they want a nice guy to take care of them. But in the end, they go for the better looking, more financially secure, bad boys who end up treating them like a piece of meat. Then they come back to me and cry on my shoulder, but still only want me to be there friend. That’s why I don’t understand what women really want. So I have tried to be the the best man I can be, and I am not perfect, I make mistakes, say or do the wrong things. But that’s just me.

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Mania on Display #Mania #FamilyAndFriends #misundersood

Why do the people around me only fear the manic aspect of bipolar? I’m typically calm so perhaps depression looks similar? Afraid of any change is what it seems. Maybe more irrational swearing and paranoia on a daily basis will decrease my chances of hospitalization?
#BipolarDisorder #change

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Invisible #Depression #Lonliness #misundersood

it's amazing how invisible you become. and the few friends left just don't understand. maybe I don't either



why are family members sometimes just honestly your worst enemy and make your depression even harder to deal with? I feel like my family doesnt understand me at all! So weird bc Im always trying to make things right , but you cant win. Then loneliness = deeper depression . Thank God for friends!
#Family #misundersood #Friends