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Treating Symptoms and Finding Answers

This is my first post, but I am hoping to get some opinions from people. I have battling chronic illness for years and it has recently gotten bad. I have a lot of blood work/tests that indicates a problem, but is very unspecific. I'm starting a new medication to treat the pain I experience (assuming it works), but I am experiencing some cognitive dissonance about the whole thing. I want the pain to go away, but I desperately want an answer, a reason for the pain. If my pain goes away, I am afraid doctors will stop helping me try to find an answer. Do I NEED an answer? Or do I just want an answer to make myself feel better mentally? If the medication works, should I stop looking for an answer? I don't want the past 5 years to be chalked up to nothing and just be stuck taking random pills. Any thoughts/advice is appreciated.#LymeDisease #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Undiagnosed #Mystery #AbsenceSeizures #Nervedamage


Any other “wrigglers” out there? #TouretteSyndrome #ChronicIllness #AbsenceSeizures #tic

Is it typical to have frequent urges to roll and wiggle (wriggle) in place for no real reason? I’ve only recently been able to see a neurologist for the first time and have been confirming a lot of lifelong “issues” with proper diagnoses, but waiting for a follow up is leaving me anxious and curious. Any thoughts to share would be greatly appreciated ❤️


Do kids REALLY outgrow Absence Seizure after 2 years on the Zarontin | Ethosuximide , if the kid is seizure free during this time or EVER ?

Carina was born in 2015. She has been diagnosed with Absence Seizure.

She does have any developmental delays, but I am afraid of the long term damage the medication(s) may cause in order to stop the seizures.

So far she did an EEG and the doctor prescribed Ethosuximide Oral Solution. Should she also have a CT or an MRI?

Many famous people lived with it: themighty.com/2015/07/famous-people-with-epilepsy Looking forward hearing from Parents of Kids with the same issue.



#absenceSeizurekids #abcenseseizure #AbsenceSeizures

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Do you have a “battle tattoo”? #Tattoos #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

Like most, my tattoos come with a story. This one is on my inner left forearm. It’s a lion in a filigree heart. It’s based on the design of a necklace my dad gave me as a kid. He always told people “my girl has the heart of a lion” and I found myself constantly trying to live up to his “hype”. Some days it reminds me to stay strong and fierce.....but some days this piece of art I spent 4 hrs and 200$ on is only ink. #Depression #Anxiety #Endometriosis #AbsenceSeizures