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I am a #brainwashed #mask Wearer - according to my Dad

I am a chronic back pain woman. I also have conditions that they say make me more susceptible to COVID. My dad started arguing with me - he said that I am brainwashed because I believe the masks help stop the spread. My dad is smarter than the CDC I guess. Anyway. Made he me feel like shit and told him that I’m not going to argue with him. Thanks.

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#Therapy for lifelong #Trauma #PTSD 1st time at 37 #help !!!

#Trauma #Therapy for #PTSD 1st time really “ready” to open up with #Psychiatrist at 37 #childhoodtrauma #abuse #neglect #fearofabandonment #psychologicalabuse from a father that I would describe as #CharlesManson with a #TheBible in one hand and #Alcoholism in the other. In addition to a family that #rejected me completely so much so that on both sides of my #Divorced #Family I had rules that if I walked in the room within one minute all of my cousins had to leave my #physical presence because I was just #different but never had #behavioral #Problems just major misunderstandings and what seemed like a lot of #bad luck because of the many #Labels that seem to get stuck to me throughout the years in public #Education . So I was sent to live #alone with my #Father at 11 on a #cult like farm with no access to the outside world (no modern technology including TV, Radio or Phone) and he #brainwashed me as a #Child to never speak to anyone or they would lock me up and throw away the key or call me a liar and ignore me completely. So I have major #Trust #issues and have no clue where to begin when I see my #Therapist via video this week. I also have #ADHD with a #mind that is #hyper #creative and #super analytical seems like a #Gift and #Curse when expressing my #Thoughts and #Emotions #help #Advice #ParanoidThoughts

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This is what planet I’m on, today anyway, which emotional planet are you on? #CPTSD #HSP #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety

I sometimes go to this app when I cannot zero in on how Im feeling. I’m feeling the overall emotion of being demoralized, but can also admit I resonate with all the feeling that connect underneath the demoralized umbrella.

Many things are contributing to this and I’m so exhausted I think I’m going to be staying on this planet for awhile

Here’s the link if anyone is interested in the app otherwise just come up with your own planet f emotions.

#Depression #Isolation #dimissed #Ignored #invalidatedemotions #notallowedtohavemyfeelings #MentalHealth #EmotionalNeglect #EmotionalAbuse #gaslight narcisstic abuse survivor #Gaslighting #brainwashed #dissociativedisorders #disconnected #Strugglingalone


An enormous brain-washing cult following. #brainwashed

Hi. My name is Marvin. I am forty nine years old, African American, and in the year 1990 was diagnosed by an Ohio state psychiatrist with having severe Bipolar/Schizo effective disorder and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) In the summer of 1990 when i was just twenty years old, i met a much older black woman named Michelle at a mental illness/substance abuse rehabilitation program called SAMI day treatment. She was thirteen years older than myself and allegedly diagnosed with having Schizophrenia. Personally i believe that she was a criminally insane nymphomaniac and psychopath because she used structural deception, hard narcotics/alcohol and excessive fornication to corrupt the innocence of a minor like myself, after i graduated from the rehabilitation program and got my very first apartment. I have never been verbally or physically abusive towards a female in my entire life. But due to this woman's habitual lies and leading a double-life style in secret, the relationship eventually became very violent at times on both our part. Not only was this woman a product of the black mafia, having brothers who were very powerful street kings who sold a lot of drugs in bulk. She also had a very bad reputation in the streets which eventually rubbed off on me! Michelle established a city-wide club called "The Circle" that ultimately turned into a massive cult-following. Due to her continuous allegations of domestic abuse on my part which were not all true, she had someone secretly record me and her having sex without my knowledge (revenge pornography)which was placed on the "Black Market" for profit, then forever shutting me out the normal order of Cincinnati by the consistent utterance of graphic sexual slurs about me to promote the sex video and forever destroy my reputation. I ended our relationship in 1990. For over twenty seven years, the Cartel made a substantial amount of money from my sex life which is drawing global controversy. Even high-ranking government officials attached to my SSI-disability benefits, have even jumped on the band wagon to create an enormous faction of people who aid in me remaining oppressed. My take on the ongoing issue which has never been heard or resolved by local, state, and national legal authorities and mental health professionals, is that it is the most sadistic "brain-washing cult" known to mankind.