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Friends don't know what to say anymore #ChronicIllness

Talked to my best friend of several years on the phone today after a break. She knows I'm really sick but when I finally mentioned it I talked positively so she wouldn't feel awkward. She was awkward anyway. It's sad to see people not know how to respond to you as a person. #isolationinchronicillness #Loneliness


Friendships and isolation #Loneliness #Friends #ChronicIllness #isolationinchronicillness #Isolation

Since I’ve become ill I’ve found I lost a lot of friends and I feel super isolated. It seems my old friends just no longer have the time and when you can’t do all the things you used to people become to busy for you. How do you make new friends or maintain the few you have when your good days are few and far between? What if online friendships just aren’t enough? How do you keep from feeling so isolated? I’d love to meet others with chronic illnesses or going through similar things but either there a group that’s so specific and I’m still undiagnosed for the most part or people are just to sick. Any advice?

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BOREDOM .. What to do??

At age 64 I have been "blessed" with this diagnosis for 40 years now. I have been fortunate to remain ambulatory, relatively independent, with most symptoms under good control. So I should be happy, yes?

But I am starting to feel the depression + boredom that comes with isolation and lack of energy. I live alone with my dog. I walk him twice a day grateful for the fresh air and my functional legs. But my energy is so low, all that's left is enough to basically survive.

My groceries are delivered; I manage to keep the house clean, and then I watch much too much television and video.

Formerly an Avid Reader, my focus and / or my eyes make concentration difficult.

Unable to work outside the home due to fatigue, I have also given up part-time volunteer work for the same reason.

My only social interaction may be with neighbors nearby who are friendly, and a weekly visit from adult daughter living locally.

This does not sound so bad I know and I'm sorry to complain. But being so isolated with such long days of inactivity are wearing down my spirit.

I have turned to YouTube seeking a hobby-- Cracking myself up with ideas I will never pursue. I really want to do something to take my mind off of myself, something productive or at least fun.

I never enjoyed needle work--keep wondering what people do to pass the time!

Again I must say I am fortunate and feel lucky to be as relatively healthy as I am after 40 years with rrms. But my mental health is suffering. No pity party here, just an honest request for ideas!

Quality of life is of utmost importance at this time. I already take meds for depression and I'm okay with that. But I can feel myself slipping into loneliness and dare I say occasional self-pity.

Please help me address this very real problem.

And thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.




Joy, Atlanta GA