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#merry Christmas #Fibromyalgia #Lumbar Radicopathy

Hey Mighty Family,
Just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas 🌲. It was nice spending time with family and friends. Much love ♥️♥️🙏

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A better life?

I have had Fibro for at least 30 years. I have become at 66, quite disabled, doing almost nothing for myself. So, I thought, what if there is more going on?
I've known for years that I had bone degeneration in various key areas, but I was in so much pain anyway, what could another diagnosis do. However, I went to see a spinal surgeon who charmingly told me to get X Rays of my lower back, but that I was too obese to operate on anyway.
Turns out I have got Scoliosis and severe
Stenosis in my lumbar spine. He offered no help other than huge weight loss and physiotherapy. Not even a script.
I am so angry with his lack of care. I feel dismissed and unworthy of his attention.
However, I am seeing a dietician and a Physio. Which is where I find myself this morning at 3am. I have been gamely doing the prescribed careful exercises my Physio gave me. I am trying to live and be worthy of a spinal operation. But my back is so sore I can weep. After the exercises I am crippled with pain. I lie in my bed, having used every pain killer I have,
But I have no idea how to move on from here. #Fibromyalgia #chronic Pain #Lumbar Stenosis


My rehab

It came to me before but I dismissed it. Last night after praying it came to me again during my sleep. I wasn't in too much pain after my laminectomy until physical therapy. That's when I felt a pull and from there on things progressed. But I started having hip and leg pain on the opposite side of my back. I had come to realize that I was taught to log roll and push up on my elbows to get out of my bed. When I stop using a side the pain decreases a lot. This log roll is putting me in more pain. How do you get out of the bed after back surgery and still stay safe? Has anyone experienced this? I must be doing the roll so hard or not using my arms right. # #BackPain #logroll #ChronicPain #Lumbar fusion #imscared #imtired


car accident almost 5 years. I’m miserable? #Depression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigueSyndromeampME #Fibromyalgia #Cervicalspine #SuicidalThoughts #Lumbar #DegenerativeDiscDisease Need help?

I do not have a support system. People actually curse at me for asking for help. What can I do? I’m so depressed and such a burden! I need help with things sometimes and honestly I need human contact I’m so isolated.



Feeling many things all at once today. I had a very traumatic time over the past two days in hospital and now I’m overwhelmed with feelings. But the good news is someone finally took the time to listen to me and actually give me the type of support I’ve been needing for so long.
We’ll see if this new plan is effective and how long the support will last for this time, but I’m trying to stay positive.
It’s so fxcking hard when your body just isn’t working and you feel like you’re in a war all alone.
I’ve woken up wanting to hibernate for an eternity and awaken with a brand new body.
Hoping I’ll find some strength today both mentally and physically. #ChronicPain #Hospital #MentalHealth #Diagnosis #NHS #BackPain #Lumbar #herniateddiscs #NerveCompression #NervePains