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In honor of World Bipolar Day..

Happy World Bipolar Day! It has been almost seven years since my last breakdown and eighteen since my very first. I am so grateful to be alive.

The picture on the left is Thanksgiving 2012. I was 27. I had lost 10 pounds, practically skin and bones because I had no desire to eat..I was sickly and battling manic depression. The picture on the right is me, present day. Healthier. So much happier. It is possible.

And I know it is so much easier to say that I refuse to live in fear, that I refuse to let the darkness win, when I’m in recovery and doing great, and a manic episode or psychotic break seems 5,000 miles away. But I have to take joy in these moments becomes sometimes moments like these are rare for people like me. I have to celebrate the days I’m doing great. I have to celebrate every happy, healthy moment.
I want to extend my hope for better days to come for those who are suffering right now. I believe in you. Remember this: there is nothing you can’t overcome.
#WorldBipolarDay #mentalhealthmatters #MentalHealthAwareness #psychosiscomesinmanyforms #thestruggleisreal #realworldproblems #neverlosehope #NeverGiveUp #youcansmileagain