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Should I Be Able To Work? #HealthInsurance

I’m waiting on spine surgery and have been out of work a week with pain. My surgery is the 9th. The insurance company that does my company’s short term disability called and was asking about why I can’t work. I can’t really use my left hand and I have a note from my doctor, but here I am, trying to justify myself to a woman who seems like the woman in pink from Harry Potter.

Is this all I am anymore...a resource that should work right up until they wheel me in for surgery?

#CervicalRadiculopathy #CervicalDiscDegeneration #ChronicPain

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Do you have an alarm to take your pain meds? #ChronicPain

I have an alarm set so I don’t take my pain meds too early or too late. It’s set to play “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed. Do you have a med alarm? #PainMedication #CervicalRadiculopathy #CervicalDiscDegeneration #cervicalspinalstenosiswithbonespurs


Has anyone had to wait months for surgery?

It’s taken me a year since I began having cervical radiculopathy, nerve pain down my left shoulder and arm, to get to the point of a surgical consult for a foraminotomy. Today, I found out the soonest surgery date...is November 1st.

I’m crushed. I’m in constant pain to the point I can’t work or sleep. I’m on pain meds. I did everything they told me to do, working through the year on physical therapy, acupuncture, posture. I’ve been living with this pain a year now and I’m worried I’ll lose my job or have to go on disability.

If you had a long surgery wait, how did you handle it? #CervicalRadiculopathy #DegenerativeDiscDisease #SpinalStenosis #Osteoarthritis #SpinalSurgery #CervicalDiscDegeneration #cervicalspinalstenosiswithbonespurs

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Waiting on Surgery scheduling #cervicalspinalstenosiswithbonespurs

I’m waiting to schedule my 2 level foraminotomy. I’ve been living with pain from my left shoulder down my arm for almost a year now. It’s gotten bad enough I can’t sleep.

The process of getting to surgery seems so long. A week for an appointment with spine care, the a week until a MRI, then a week until I went back for results, then another week to get in with neurosurgeon for a surgery consult, now waiting on scheduling...all the while hurting.

I just wish things moved faster.

#DegenerativeDiscDisease #CervicalDiscDegeneration #SpinalStenosis #SpinalSurgery #Osteoarthritis


When you just have to push through...

I have been back to work for 3 weeks now (am a 7th grade teacher) and am absolutely exhausted. I move my oldest daughter to college out of state this week, and juggle 3 other kids activities and school. Having a few people over today to celebrate another daughter’s bday...My husband is a HUGE help, but we BOTH battle Fibro and have some really rough days/nights.
I’ve worked so hard on balance, pacing, meds, and trying to get rest...but then there are flare times when it seems to have all gone out the window. Just struggling today. #Fibromyalgia #CervicalDiscDegeneration #itneverstops #Emotionalsupport


Pain today for this single mom #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

My neck and shoulder and scoliosis are angry today. I’ve been lucky for a good several week streak when the angels have blessed me with low pain days. But today I’m hurting. It makes me want to go to bed again but I know it makes me feel worse in the long run. I just moved and can’t remember where I packed my medical cannabis, which I don’t use much because I think I’m allergic anyway. My vision isn’t great either and I’m just grumpy. #CheckInWithMe #CervicalDiscDegeneration #EhlersDanlosSyndrome