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    the dreariness of it all

    <p>the dreariness of it all</p>
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    overpowering Inertia and fear

    <p>overpowering Inertia and fear</p>
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    That little voice..

    <p>That little voice..</p>
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    Community Voices

    Dealing with failure and depression

    I'm trying to be strong because I have no one else to rely on but myself but I've just been hit with a stumbling failure. What happens when you are already depressed and life throws you all these gut-punching trials. I have been at a point where I couldn't even bring myself to do what I love most in life and I really don't want to sink that low ever again.

    #Depression #FailureToThrive

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    Terrific resource!

    <p>Terrific resource!</p>
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    Anyone with experience with hospice?

    Due to issues with my current palliative provider began the process of looking for another. New agency, whom I like so far, has suggested I'd be better served on hospice as they could provide almost everything at home and bring some continuity of care, something i currently struggle with a lot. Would love to hear of others experience. Especially with difference with palliative and hospice. TIA for sharing! #Hospice #Dysautonomia #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Gastroparesis #MotilityDisorder #FeedingTube #ivfluids #Pacemaker #PureAutonomicFailure #FailureToThrive #ChronicIllness #chronic pain

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    What am I afraid of?

    My therapist told me to ask God what I’m afraid of. I’ve asked and I don’t know that he has answered. I thought about it and decided that I’m deathly afraid that what I’ve seen so far is all that this life has to offer. I keep seeking and trying and failing or quitting. Everything I do or see someone else do... it’s disappointing. It’s nothing that I want to live for or dedicate my life to. I’m afraid of being average... I’m afraid of conceding to the idea that I’m not great or special bc if this is it, then I have to accept... really really accept that I don’t want to be here and completely give up. I can’t face that. I can’t let myself do it. #Fear #Depression #SuicidalThoughts #self -sabotage #FailureToThrive #anger

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    Im full of lie anxiety

    I got an email for a job i contacted them they called and we had an interview i met the owner and his head of HR and we all did the interview i felt like i aced it and i asked almost every question and i answered all of theres. Honestly i feel like i got the job it went so well ill know by wensday, but i didnt tell them i couldnt drive, it didnt sound like i need to because they have a work van that has to bring their equitment to the worksites so i could ride along.

    The rest of the day i was riding high thinking next week im gunna have a job i have nothing to worry about but today it suddenly hit me what do i do if i get the job and show up the first day getting a ride from my mom or dad or sisters. I feel like im going to lose the job on the spot or atleast the end of the day. Im feeling like garbage right now like what am i going to do. I feel like i lied to this guy whos only trying to grow his small business and ive already damaged the relationship. A lie of omission the hr woman called and even asked me if i had my own vehicle before the interview and i said i have transportation where ever i need to go which isnt a lie but i know what i did. honestly im hoping they dont call me to give me the job .

    #TheDisabledLife #VisuallyImpaired #LegallyBlind #Anxiety #Firstjob #LIESANXIETYTELLSYOU #WhatYouDontSee #Anxiety #lie #failure #FailureToThrive

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