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    I finally did it !!

    <p>I finally did it !!</p>
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    A New Reality in Mom Stress

    <p>A New Reality in Mom Stress</p>
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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is edaddy5. I'm here because my wife is suffering from drug resistant anxiety and depression and possibly ptsd. she also has post-treatment Lyme disease which is at worse causing it and at best aggravating it. it’s been three years now. I want to help her.


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    Community Voices

    Hang in there

    <p>Hang in there</p>
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    Struggling with finding out your brother had Lyme disease

    We just found out my brother has Lyme disease like 2 days ago. My brother is also autistic and doesn't really know how this disease can effect him. My mom doesn't live with me or my brother she moved two hours away without telling us about 2 years ago to live with her boyfriend who in all honesty doesn't like us to begin with. I am his primary care giver and when I found this out I felt this extreme guilt. I've come to realize that I am now relapsing into my old habits of calling my mom multiple times a day to make sure she's ok. I also have very high anxiety about leaving the house to go to work in fear that something may happen to my brother and I cannot get to him in time. I feel like I have failed him I'm supposed to take care of him and I didn't. It's bringing back a lot of memories of when my dad and step dad past away from pancreatic cancer. It was only five years apart and the last words my step dad said to me was that he was going to be ok. My mom didn't tell me he wasn't going home.
    I don't know what to do qnd the stress is eating me alive

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    Forgiveness = Freedom & Peace

    I’m sry this is a lil long. I am 52 but the baby in my fam. 3 brothers and 1 sister who passed. One of my brothers who is the only married one said they considered me more like their daughter then a sister.
    We were extremely close talked on the phone all the time sleep overs & vacations. I then got sick Lyme twice then diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
    I unfortunately was not able to work any longer. I had loved working and loved my career. My company ended up laying off 90% of my department. I was absolutely crushed. At the time I had needed back surgery and ended up getting an anterior lumbar fusion.

    When I spoke with my brother he felt that I could and should still work. He and my sister in law started saying that I should lose weight (which they had not known I has lost a considerable amount of weight)
    Then they went on to say I should stop drinking which again because I had quit smoking due to the surgery I also stopped drinking.
    They then said A LOT to me a lot of things that were out of line. They then proceeded to say the most painful thing to me.
    Which was they hoped that I wouldn’t get approved for disability. Now at the time my husband was awaiting his disability as he was hurt on the job. So financially we were struggling. (Sry so long).

    So fast forward 10 years I have been on disability and my brother and sister in law do not speak. They told my mother they do not know why we’re not speaking or why I’m mad at them. I think my biggest pet peeve of the whole thing is they said they looked at me as a daughter. Yet they never reach out. We have had a few special occassions were my daughter wanted them there, so we invited them.
    They have never invited us to anything. I don’t want to be petty and want to do the whole forgive and forget but the question is I am worthy are they worthy of my forgiveness or can as I have my own family my husband and daughter. Write them off as I feel they did me ?
    Whatcha ya guys think

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    #immunocompromised #forgive #familydisfunction
    #InvisibleDisability #DisabilityBenefits #anteriorlumbarfusion
    #LymeDisease #ChronicLymeDisease

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    Autism and Mental Illness

    I'm on this group for my 15 yr old son with high functioning asd. He developed symptoms of auditory hallucinations, increased anxiety, and manic/depressive episodes in November. He was in the hospital three times since December after having Lyme disease, which was treated with abx, and two of those times was in a psychiatric facility. I would like to know how many of you with asd here also have diagnoses of bipolar or schizophrenia? I want to know how common it is. Also, have any of you had Lyme and found that you had lingering mental health issues even after treatment? #ASD #ASDmentalhealth #Anxiety #Depression #Schizophrenia #BipolarDisorder #warriormom

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    Community Voices