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Pushing through challenges is what makes you grow ... We are stronger and very blessed by the journeys we’ve taken and obstacles we have conquered!!

Being uncomfortable and uncertain have been challenges I have faced very regularly, and dealing with things that are “hard”has been something I try to push through and fight almost every day. But I believe by facing these things head on I have grown and continue to grow. I don't go out and search for hard, uncertain and uncomfortable situations but they sure have found ways to find me!!! I find that practicing self care and self love gives me hope... and faith that I’m blessed with no more than I can handle... if I just fight and believe, I’ll be just fine! I have found happiness in my acceptance of the cards I've been dealt and knowing that I won't just survive...I can thrive!

Sending blessings for your great health & healing and that you may find peace & serenity! and I'm sending big virtual hugs your way!

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What is one self care thing you have done for yourself this week?What did you do?Have you stopped amidst your chaos to be gentle w/ yourself& breathe?

We all struggle with pain, depression, anxiety, worry etc.. Within the times you were hurting, what step dids you take to take care of yourself? How did you practice self care? Did you just stop, breathe and rest for an hour...or even ten minutes? Did you sit with a cup of tea and journal out your thoughts? Did you eat a favorite meal? Watch a funny movie? Listen to calming music? Did you sit and color, paint or draw? Did you dance by yourself when no one was watching? Did you push yourself a little and go out for a walk? Did you go for a hike in nature...or even just sit with your back up to a tree? Did you ride a bike, swim, go rock climbing or go to the gym? Did you take a bubble bath with soft music and candles? Did you take a hot shower? Did you hug someone...for no reason? Did you go to therapy or a support group? Did you get out of bed!?! Did you drink water throughout the day? Did you do anything that made you feel better about yourself... even just for moments?

These are ways I've taken care of myself or things that I’ve heard helped other people. Many are very short and simple, many help you stop for an hour or two and UNPLUG or put away your work or homework. Most are free, easy, and accessible, many require little thought or planning, many just require you to STOP and recalculate your direction...but any of these can help!

Which ones have you done this week or anytime you were hurting in the past??? Which ones will you try soon or keep in your mind to use during a tough time??? When I do some of these things I usually end up feeling better about myself, sometimes I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders, sometimes I just end up thinking that I care about myself! Please do anything that makes you feel better even if it takes every bit of your physical (and emotional) energy! YOU ARE WORTH IT! Sending blessings for peace, serenity, calm and balance during these difficult times...and here’s sending a big virtual hug to all of you!

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#ifyoufeelhopless : Dances

I've been known to feel shy at dances because nobody dances with me. Well, to me it looks like that when nobody looks at me. I told s VSA teacher that, and she told me that actually everybody's dancing with me. Knowing this will help me #keepgoing to the dances.


Please #keepgoing when you have zero reserves

May I offer some insight for those in a similar place, and for those younger than me. If only I could help prevent someone going down a similar road as mine. Any issue related to mental health illness may produce immense mountain/s that have to be traversed, causing an immense pain that can not be voiced. At 47 years old, I am only just beginning to gain insight and awareness as to why I have turned out like I have, my goal is a desperate want to feel who I am, and "recover" (a life, where I sense I have a place) from a 35 year history of explicit mental health illness (i.e. signs of my inner distress) #DisorderedEating #complextrauma . #keepgoing and strive to think about what feels right for you? what makes you feel good? Where do you feel most alive, stop saying Yes! to things you do not want to do. Give yourself the permission to practice saying No. As a person who truly finds it impossible to not 'please others', saying No frees up head space and time to process a troubled phase, which for me is paramount if I am to survive and grow. If nothing in your life feels good, I relate to this with heartfelt empathy. This is a ghastly place to be. I never believed I would ever find a reason or want to even consider learning who I was? Let alone acknowledge my self and like myself, even writing "like myself" is tinged with hesitation and discomfort. Self care, self soothe, the simple things are what matter ... YOU MATTER, it is to right that you need to take those little steps towards taking care of yourself. You may be in a place where very few see any sense in what you are doing. That doesn't equal - your way is not the right way FOR YOU. The goal prior to that may be closer to mine where those little steps are aiming for a place where I can sense who I am, only then will I be able to think about caring for myself (my fundamental needs e.g. nourishment) #keepgoing because YOU ARE WORTH IT! If you can not see that, allow someone else to hold that worth for you until you dare start to taking a little for yourself #youareworthit



Every time I have been in my darkest #Depression , My most unbearable #Mania ,  #Psychosis and #Paranoia , or at the point where I just want it to end, I have done something very small, but very significant. I measure time by the second, the minute, the hour, the day until I can buy myself enough time to contact a friend, my doctor, a crisis line, or the hospital. If I can keep going for another second, another minute, another hour, another day, I am beating the desire that my illness wants me so badly to give in to. Most times, I wake up the next day with the gratitude of not giving up.



I've been there. At one point it got so bad I didn't want to live anymore. I didn't see why I should try anymore. I didn't see how I was contributing at all to anyone. I didn't feel like I had any extremely close friends since my best friend moved away 3 years ago. I couldn't find my place.
And then I found my family when I joined Color Guard (Marching Band). My first season was rough but I really found myself during my second season (right now) when I decided to not give up. We as a group have grown so close and we all love each other and are there for each other no matter what. They have taught me what love and family is. They are my family. It is because of them that I feel happy to wake up everyday. It is because of them that I don't want to give up. I owe them everything.

If I could give you any advice it would be to find something that you belong to. Once you find that place everything else falls into place. When you live true to yourself is when you find your group of people. Your family. So before you try to find anyone, find what you're passionate about. Once you find that, you'll find everything else. I promise. And if that seems way to hard, start out small with your hobbies and move from there.

It's because of "my family" that I'm still fighting. And if you don't have a "family" just yet, I'll be your family. Just know that you are not alone. I understand and I want you to know, there are people that care about you out there. I know that now, it just took some time for me to find them.

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