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Body weight

I am a 25 year old female.
I used to weigh around 65 kg.
I went on birth control for my epilepsy (the need for hormones)
And now I am 74kg.
I can’t fit any of the clothes I used to feel so good in. So now I try to wear oversized clothes cause I don’t want people to see my tummy. (Also coming into winter again, I want to be able to wear my favourite jeans but I don’t think that’s going to happen.)
My tummy pokes out, and I have a muffin top again.
I used to be able to look down and see my private part and feel confidant in my body . I used to have abs, I used to be skinny enough to see my muscle tone in my legs and arms, I used to feel beautiful. Now i look down and I hate what I see. I hate looking in the mirror. My double chin has come back and it makes me embarrassed some days when I think about what people see. I hate trying on clothes cause I used to be size 10 now I’m size 14.
The worst thing is, I have an active job. Using muscle and sweating everyday. So I take that as my exercise.
I hate going to the gym or doing sit ups or things like that. I got skinny so easily, it just happened, I didn’t even notice. And now I gained weight back so fast, it’s horrible.
I wish I could feel that confidence in my body like I used to.
My sister has just had a baby and looks better than I do for god sake 😣
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Cycles within cycles #BPD #Bipolar #Anxiety #PTSD #brokenrelationships #WeightFluctuation

I’m wondering how many cycles you have to break to change
I feel it’s overwhelming


Perfect explanation for weight gain from your medicine... #WeightFluctuation #SideEffects #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I've decided that the only reason I've gained weight is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality 🤣


Weight Gain from Medication

This certainly is an unwanted side effect of my medications. The doctor told me diet, more activity and talking to the doctor are all things I could do. Have you experienced this? What did you do? #WeightFluctuation #Antidepressants

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What's the most frustrating part about weight fluctuation even when you're dieting and/or exercising?

There are so many variables to weight issues. But, I've found a few underlying issues that could be stopping us from being healthier and achieveing our goals.

1. Thyroid issues. The lab results are out of date and doctor's are not proactive when we're boarderline "high" or "low".
This Doctor has all you need to know about it: thyroidpharmacist.com

2. Are you eating enough AND the right foods?

When we suffer with chronic conditions, we need to be more indivualized and not a one size fits all approach. I've found that the food pyramid includes inflammatory foods like dairy and wheat. Wheat protein are lab altered and not the same as what our ancestors had, look up the history on it! It resemble some of our organ proteins, especially the thyroid.
Since our body isn't functionaing properly, it will attack all things similiar.

Lastly, veggies and fruits hold ALL of the nutrients your immune system needs to function. Enjoy the rainbow of colors!

Diet should be 80/20 of fresh, whole foods veggies, the rest fats, proteins, and some fruit. If you're wondering what about carbs, well veggies have carbs, that's why with the keto diet, veggies are very limited.

Fresh food grown locally, at home, or even at Aldi's is way more afforadble than trending grocery stores like whole foods, trader joes et .

Did you know healthy fats are your friend (within reason). Healthy fats keep us feelign fuller longer, give our brain much needed energy ( it's fueled off of fats).

Sugar is inflammatory, making it harder on our body to communiate and work properly. Sugar spikes insulin levels, your body's "storage" hormone and ciruclating glucose is swept into your cells.

If your cells are full already due to a diet high in sugar, then this glucose is conerted and stored as body fat. Check out "whole foods diet" "Paleo" or anything that is highly fresh produce and veggie based.

Meat is important as well, so don't you worry!

Just stick with lean meats like turkey, chicken, and fresh seafood.



You Are Worthy

A shout-out to those:

Who have gained weight because of their chronic illnesses.
Who have gained weight because of their medications.
Who have gained weight because of surgical procedures.
Who are unable to exercise because of their chronic illnesses.

You are a wonderful human worthy of love and care. I know you berate yourself every day. But know you're not alone and it's not your fault. You're beautiful just the way you are!

(Notes to self)

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Have any of you struggled with weight gain or loss due to your chronic illness? What have you done to change that?

Last year and the early part of this year I lost about 40 lbs due to symptoms of my chronic illnesses (nausea, vomiting) that had gotten way out of hand, coupled with unbelievable stress and anxiety. According to people I "looked sick" (I'll admit I did look a little peaked 😅). Soooo I worked really hard to get myself back up to a healthy weight.. only now I've gained the lost weight back.. and then some! I'm not nearly as active as I used to be because of my chronic pain fatigue and almost constant dizziness. Even working with my physical therapist leaves me in pain for days after where I can't do much of anything. I used to love yoga but also struggle with that now (largely in part to my lack of balance due to Ménière's). My daughter and I used to go for walks but now I find myself in so much pain and so fatigued after that I have had to cut back, not to mention the crappy, inconsistent weather. I've noticed on the days I'm not nauseous I have an increase in appetite and just want to eat everything. I didn't see it as a big deal until at a recent appt according to my BMI I was now categorized as overweight (even though its it's just slightly over) it made me concerned that if I continue with these inconsistent eating habits I'll continue to gain. My mom has commented on my weight gain on a few different occasions and although I know she doesn't mean any harm I'm becoming increasingly self conscious about it. Looking in the mirror I see the changes in my body and feel ashamed.. I dread going to the Dr because I know they'll weigh me and can't help but wonder what the nurses are thinking as they enter my weight into the system. I've always been one to not care what other people think but lately I've been feeling really vulnerable and somewhat insecure. I miss my active life.. the days of just being able to run or jog. I still fight through yoga on the days I'm able to do it and of course I have my physical therapy but I crave being able to do some kind of cardio that my body will allow.... ☹😔#WeightLoss #weightgain #Spoonie #WeightFluctuation #InvisibleIllness


IBS fear

I have struggled with symptoms of anorexia for a while, and since being diagnosed with IBS, I've been afraid of losing too much weight because on my days with flare ups, I don't eat much so I don't irritate my system more than it already is. I am afraid of losing weight because I have recently accepted that weighing 120lbs at the age of 19 is okay, but I know if I start spiralling after significant weight loss, I may return to that fear of being 120+ lbs. Does anyone have any advice for this?

#WeightFluctuation #Advice

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Weight gain

Just went to the doctor and I’ve gained 20 pounds since I was taken off of my prednisone... it’s really messing with me especially because I can’t workout at all, let alone how I use to. Anyone else deal with this or have tips?
#IdiopathicThrombocytopenicPurpuraITP #Prednisone #ED #EatingDisorderRecovery #WeightFluctuation #weightgain #MentalHealth #Exercise

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