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What is the best thing the Mighty has given you? #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #CheerMeOn #Loveme

What has been the best part of being apart of The Mighty community for you?

Share your amazing stories 😊


Good morning #Anxiety #Support #Loveme

When sideways comes at me head on I remember to breath big, in through my nose using my belly to fill my lungs and slowly out.

I hope today is as amazing as all of you are.

I hope you find hope from your darkness as you are a valued member of the community in which you live.

May today be awesome for you 🥰


Today you have 5 minutes to do something for yourself, something healing. Share what you are going to do.

We need to steal time for ourselves; we give too much away to others and to the negative side of our brain.

Today you have 5 minutes do something nice for yourself, share what you are going to do.

Today I am going to take my 5 minutes and put my bare feet in the grass and wiggle my toes.

#Anxiety #Healing #Loveme #CheerMeOn


What does happiness look like to you? #Anxiety #Loveme #Happiness

I would love to know what happiness looks like to you.

When was the last time you remember being happy for 5 minutes?

What was it that had you feeling happy?


Dear Anxiety #Anxiety #Support #myturn #Loveme

Yesterday was a write off. I had so many plans but you decided you were mad. I wanted to go out and have a good time but you didn't want to.

I am tired of being tired because of you.
I am tired of being a shell of myself because of you.
I am tired of not seeing hope because of you.

I know you are not fully awake yet but I am here to tell you I have planned a happy day. I am sure you are going to keep trying to convince me I was not meant to be happy, but I think it's time you realize you are wrong. Not only was I meant to be happy but I deserve to be happy.

Today is not your day it is mine and I intend to do something that will make me happy.


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Love me n my crazy self #Loveme

Can someone with mental illness find true and lasting love? I always ask this. We all know what we go thru when our depression and anxiety hit us. It’s already hard for us to go thru it and to have another person deal with it is just almost painful and unfair.
My 15-yr relationship ended after I gave birth to our son and having postpartum depression. The took a toll and now we’re filing for a divorce. I get it. I don’t deserve someone who is not willing to understand my illness.
But dating again was hard. My anxiety tells me no one would want to be with someone like me. My prevents me from just getting out of bed.
Then there’s finding the one who can actually understand you, accept you and love you. And one who is willing to help you with your illness because you just don’t know when, if it actually does, go away.
I’m dating someone right now. Took me awhile to tell him about my struggles. He loves me, wants to marry me. My tells me he’ll leave one of these days. My prevents me from enjoying my time with him. My normal self tells me its not fair for me to let him deal with my illness. It sucks to be between these thoughts but so far I manage to still appreciate and love him.

The #struggles of a person with mental illness finding love. I got more to say but my is kicking in again. #Sigh

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