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Introducing myself.

Hi, everyone. I’m new here. I’m exclusively going by my username @aspie4ev3r for the sake of anonymity. And while it’ll take some time for me to get to the point where I’m comfortable opening up, I’m glad to have (hopefully) found a supportive community where I can be appreciated and accepted. #actuallyautistic #Aspergers #AspergersSyndromeAwareness #AutismAcceptance #Neurodiversity

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Happy Holidays

Hi everyone,
firstly I want to start off by apologising on the low activity recently. Unfortunately due to a new additional diagnosis it led to a bit of a personal crisis of acceptance and took me a while to realise that just the diagnosis was new, I am not and with that researching in to what I could do or get to help me manage this condition both at home and at work. I started this group with hope that we together could help addressing adult autism within the workplace as a lot of information I feel is targeted towards children with autism or parents on managing and very little on adult autism and what there is in terms of workplace support, the challenges that arise and the problems we might all face, or even what support we've had that works etc. The numbers of people with autism in the workplace is not only low, but the rate of people with autism who lose their job is shockingly higher and with that a lot of those numbers were due to a lack of support or understanding which I believe strongly that by working together we can overcome these statistics by not only sharing with each other but also by highlighting issues and even overcoming them, with that and my new diagnosis, it gives me the opportunity to do so much more as one thing I enjoy doing a lot is research, even if I am my own guinea pig and a chance to share the route between new diagnosis to support and barriers. I want to wish you all the happiest of all holidays! #Autism #Workplace #AutismDiagnosis #AutismAcceptance #AspergersSyndromeAwareness #ADHD #happy Holidays


Problem with job coach: are autistic meltdowns behavior? #Autism #AutismAdvocacy #nvld #AspergersSyndromeAwareness #AutismMeltdown

So after the SOS post I did my boss seemed to be fine with me; she told me to forget about that day and to do busy work while I wait for patients to finish eating and even helped me with my worker’s compensation claim for being admitted to the ER for suicidal ideation. I am holding a grudge against the coworker who caused the incident and plan to ignore him. I will never forgive him for the pain he caused and shall act as though he is dead because to me he is.
Well my job coach came by and talked to me about it last Thursday and now I might need a new one. She told me that my attitude and behavior is what’s causing the problems and I’m a hypochondriac for looking up things about autism and my physiology. She claims I can control my meltdowns and that I fake blacking out. She thinks me disassociating isn’t real and that even when I get hypoglycemic I can control my actions. She also thinks I’m abusing the accommodation system and that texting my mom during our meetings isn’t normal but rude.
I try to calm down when I feel a meltdown coming on but I get in trouble for leaving my coworkers when I need a breather. I use all the things it says online to calm down but sometimes I just burst from keeping it in. I even try to eat small snacks but some of my coworkers don’t think hypoglycemia is real and tell me to wait. I get overwhelmed and then black out, see myself in 3rd person and when I comeback I cry because I can’t believe I lost control. This only happens frequently at my full time job, my part time job coworkers know my triggers and how to respond to me. My job coach never seemed to educate my managers about my diagnosis and blames me for everything that happens.
I want to know if my actions are normal for autism/NVLD people and if disassociation is a real thing. How can I educate my job coach about this and should I look for a new job coach and a new job? Is this behavioral or my brain being wired differently?


Reposting from CARA Unmask Community to ask a wider audience: I love my child so much. She's diagnosed with Asperger's. How do I guide her about life?

My child is diagnosed with Asperger's. I love her so much and am protective. I try to give her the confidence by cheering her on with small wins. She wants and is attending a school where everyone is "normal". How do I balance loving her and being protective, versus showing her the ways of the world and life?

There are a couple of times when she comes home crying, not from bullying but from frustration of not being to accomplish certain simple tasks in school. #Aspergers #MentalHealth #Anxiety #mentalwellness #Health #AspergersSyndromeAwareness


Help I feel lonely and need help

I have a tri-diagnosis Of #madelungs defomity , #savant syndrome #SavantSyndrome , #SavantSyndrome ,#EhlersDanlosSyndrome , #Autism #Autism #Autism #Autism , #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDisorder #order #BipolarDisorder #dep , #BipolarDisorderBorderlinePersonalityDisorderADHD , #bipolardisorderborderlinepresonalitydisorderADHD , #BipolarDisorderDepression #AspergersSyndrome , #AspergersSyndromeAwareness , #Aspergers , #AspergersSyndromeAwareness , #AspergersAreUs , #AspergersSyndrome , ,#Depression , #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness ,#DepressiveDisorders , ,#Deppresed , #Anxiety #PTSD , #PTSD -old ,#Complex Post Traumatic Stress , #PTSD ,#CPTSD , #CPTSDinrelationships ,#Ld in reading comprehension , #LearningDisabilities , #Dyslexia ,#SensoryProcessingDisorder , #SensoryProcessingIssues , #SensoryModulationDisorder , #SensoryProcessignDisorder , #CentralAuditoryProcessingDisorder , #SensoryDisorder , #AuditoryProcessingDisorder ,#SensoryProcessingIssues , #SensoryProcessingDisorderAwarenessMonth , #SensoryProcessingDisorderAwarenessMonth , #SensoryProcessingDisorder , #Sensory processing disorder ,#Adhdandanxietyinarelationship #adhdinchildcaresettings, #adhdinmen , #Adhdinwomen , #adhdinearlychildhood #adhdwomen #CombinedPresentationADHD #UndiagnosedADHD #ADHDInGirls #focus #ADHD #Autism ##ADHD #Rheuma #Y  #ADHD #ADHD #ADHD #ADHD #AttentiondeficitDisorder #AttentionDeficitHyperactivityDisorder #AttentionDeficitHyperactivityDisorder #AttentionDeficitHyperactivityDisorder #AttentiondeficithyperactivityDisorder #AttentiondeficithyperactivityDisorder #attention deficit hyperactivity disorder #Selfharm , #OtherPersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder ,#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderline Personality disorder #Madelungsdeformity #Madelung #madelungs #madelungs deformity as well as many other conditions that causes physical and emotional pain I do #DBT (#DialecticalBehaviorTherapy ) an it helps a little but my twin sister doesn’t have to go through what I have to go through and she got to skip a grade and I didn’t even though my IQ is 205 and hers is 148 I live in Saint Louis Missouri and went to Stanford all the way in California and now is still in California working for Facebook and I never get to see my own twin sister I feel like she is the very successful twin who skipped a grade went to Stanford graduated and now works for Facebook and I’m the wimpy twin who is unsuccessful who has to live in constant chronic pain has to live in an ISL (individualized supported living) like a group home I don’t have a drivers license I Don't have a job and never have and my parents have to have guardianship of me also my mom has 4 kids two sets of twins and our younger brothers have had equal opportunities how do I deal with all of this #Multiplesetsofmultiples #Saintlouismissouri #STL #Individualizedsupportedliving #Individualizedsupportedliving #ISL #Supportedliving #individualized supported living